Unforgettable 19th Birthday Wishes for Loved Ones - Happy 19th Birthday Messages

Now you are 19 years,
Now life is starting right, really true.
You will still achieve much
Work, friends and the like.
You will get to know and enjoy life,
Good with friends and sparkling wine,
less good should shun you,
because you could suffer from it.
Enjoy the youth you are still in,
before you eat the everyday life.

Unforgettable 19th Birthday Wishes for Loved Ones - Happy 19th Birthday Messages
Unforgettable 19th Birthday Wishes for Loved Ones - Happy 19th Birthday Messages

It's your birthday and you are still tender 19 years old,
life is still before you, hot and cold.
You will sing, celebrate and dance today,
do not think of envy and the frustration of the whole,
Let worry be worried
and celebrate until the morning.
All wishes should come true,
then life will be a hit, you'll see.


Childhood is over and life begins
At 19 you are already grown up and not a child.
From now on you have responsibility,
have your own opinion in discussions,
will marry and have children
and of course fly on vacation.
Much will you experience, all those years,
So be honest, because that's the truth.


19 years is a fine age,
Put your switch now.
From now on you count to the old,
but of course without wrinkles.
Before you lies the whole life,
with work, love, everything just.
Not only good things will you see
sometimes you will feel bad too.
Nevertheless you should look forward,
and always trust your friends.


19 years young you are today,
which makes us all very happy,
that's why we come to celebrate with you,
certainly not with rotten eggs.
No, we come with gifts,
You will always think of us,
we have packed a lot,
also clothes, because you do not like to be naked.
We all have fun today,
we your friends, your pack.

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Heart Touching 17th Birthday Wishes - Happy 17th Birthday!

One more year to overcome
before you grow up,
that's like climbing mountains
Although you are growing, you are still small.
But this year will fly,
17 is a nice age,
You will already get the age of majority,
as the caterpillar becomes a butterfly.
To 17 Lenzen I say to you:
Celebration is beautiful and always cheerful,
I assure you now and here,
You climb the life ladder.

Heart Touching 17th Birthday Wishes - Happy 17th Birthday
Heart Touching 17th Birthday Wishes - Happy 17th Birthday

Sweet 17 years old
you will be here today.
You will be an adult soon,
I promise to you.
But enjoy without remorse
what life promises you,
always learn the big, new,
always carry your face up.
Laugh a lot and be cheerful often,
do not grieve too much.
Keep going steadily,
Now let me push you, come here.


All the best and a lot of love
I wish you luck.
How the sand runs through the sieves
You run before and never back.
At 17, you dream a lot,
you only pick the sweet fruits,
life is a breeze
whoever says so, tells rumors.
Enjoy your life to the full
everything is still pink at 17
take you often of freedom flights,
and often think of this prose.


The house is full of friends and fun,
today's party is sure to get wet,
because today is the last time
you as a teenager leave the hall.
At the age of 17, always remember
what you can do and leave everything.
Laugh with friends and walk the streets,
it should never leave you the cheerfulness.
Too fast this beautiful year
running out, as if it never was.
Then you are in adulthood,
and for your actions the only administrator.


Filled with joy and confidence
You look me in the face now.
Accept my congratulations quickly,
and ask me if I can stay.
I am very happy about happy hours,
congratulate you once more,
envy yourself today, this is not secret,
and come in for your celebration.
With 17 Lenzen you are the king,
and that is certainly not enough for you.


Let yourself be pressed, come here.
I am so happy for you today.
Because at 17, it's best
the most beautiful of all festivals.
I like to stay with you,
because you do not like me.
I look forward to the well-wishers,
be it friends or relatives.
Enjoy these hours favor
before they turn to haze again.


Now it is time again,
Today it says: birthday time!
You have become 17 years young today
We solemnly give you the birthday order.
Today you are our star,
this rag belongs only to you,
this is clear.
Happy Birthday to You!!!


We send you this way,
Greetings on the journey.
Hopefully they will reach you on your birthday,
because there are some things I would like to wish you today:
Have fun, happiness and fun,
always give and with everything proper gas.
Be always cheerful and cheerful,
make every day a bit more colorful.
I wish you a good mood every day,
no matter what.
I wish you all the best!


Today for your cradle party,
we wish you all the best.
Health, joy and happiness should never leave your side,
with these three things you should achieve all your goals.
Let's say we are always there for you,
you are our big star.
Happy Birthday!!!


Today, 17 years ago, you were born
have turned your parents' lives upside down.
Awkward and small then,
big today and no longer screaming.
You are almost grown up today
Be ready to act and live as you like.
But we give you a few wishes in this way,
with the journey ahead of you ...


We sincerely wish you happiness and fun,
always give everything and a lot of gas.
But also pay attention to every act,
then everything will happen as you like it.
Enjoy your cradle party today
And let me tell you: we'll push you tight!


Hallihallo my little mouse,
Today we clean ourselves just for you!
Because today is the day of the days,
Listen well if I tell you
Heartfelt best from your heart
Good luck, health and happiness not only at today's festival.


All the best for your birthday,
Be eternal as you are, brave and strong.
In all circumstances we wish you confidence and a power
with which you manage every hurdle.
We wish all of you to fulfill your wishes,
you should always envelop happiness.
All the best!


An angel always accompanies your ways and deeds,
he let every day of life start beautifully.
The angel should always be at your side,
with him you should always see clearly even in gloomy times.
He should protect you and stand by you,
then you will go your way with dignity and joy.
We wish you all these things on this day!

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Sweet 16 Year Old Birthday Wishes - Birthday Messages for 16 Year Olds

You can never expect, every year that passes,
that goes on until you understand it.
The older you get, the faster you go,
You'll be 18, remember.
Then you realize that you miss the youth
So make sure that this year is something special.
16 Year Old Birthday Wishes - Birthday Messages for 16 Year Olds
16 Year Old Birthday Wishes - Birthday Messages for 16 Year Olds

Happy Birthday! Today you will be 16 years old! Unbelievable how fast time has passed! Yesterday you were still a child and today you are almost grown up! Look forward to your new year! It will certainly be exciting and waiting for you with many interesting experiences and great surprises.

Honestly, can you believe it,
who was doing that at the clock screw?
Will you really be 16 today?
Because that's what people say.
That's why come and let yourself be
We were always delighted with girlfriends,
I love you like a sister,
whether Easter, Christmas or New Year's Eve.

Without a doubt, you are no longer a child,
but a teenager with his own goals.
You now have your own ideas
and you can not forbid everything anymore.
Happy birthday,
at the age of 16, life begins
You can experience a lot from now
and you are soon a real man.

Being a teen is not easy
the mood always gives way.
One laugh, one cry
mäkelst on the legs.
It is perfect today
because all your people
have come to congratulations
and we are allowed to present.
16 candles on the cake
and for the feast, a few nice words.

Nice and smart, that's the way it should be,
the girl of many reveries,
and that's just you,
everything is right for you.
Now you become 16, life begins,
No one can call you stupid child.
I wish you good luck,
always look only forward, and rarely back.

With sweet sixteen you do stupid things,
which cause many worries for parents
This is normal at this age,
no ear for what parents guess.
The seriousness of life is coming soon,
therefore enjoy the carefree time.
Celebrate a wild party,
but also listen to your mom and dad

Your phone rings, what kind of sound?
Come on, you have to check it out!
It's a message from me,
in which I want to tell you:
All the best and good health,
I'm late - I'm really sorry!
Congratulations anyway,
and now the cups!

At the age of 16 you are already crazy for many things,
sometimes worrying parents too.
That is part of life
as to the wine the vines.
Some experience has to be
otherwise you always stay small.
Only those who fall down and get up again,
can learn how it is in real life.

The school almost ended
Life turns now.
Slowly it gets serious for you
and I'm happy.
That you are always reasonable
Take life with cunning.
You still have to search your way
You will sometimes curse too.
But at the age of 16 this is completely OK
and I still see everything very relaxed.

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