Birthday Wishes for Doctors, Birthday Cards for Doctors

Doctors are always there for us and for our health and sometimes even put the well-being of their fellow humans above their own. At least they can accept a thank you - or a happy birthday. Because if we are not feeling well again, we are grateful for the birth of a clever doctor! In addition, he will certainly be pleased when he is put on the spot by his patients and medical assistants on his day of honor.

birthday wishes for doctors

Have a birthday, believe me,
is the best way
and a true miracle cure
against stress in a white coat.

Chocolate cake instead of tablets
and champagne instead of cough syrup -
that gives you, let's just bet,
new strength for everything.
birthday wishes for doctors
birthday wishes for doctors

So I wish you with all my heart,
that you are at all the drudgery
sometimes have time, glad to joke;
enjoy life - take a break!

"Celebrate until the doctor comes" -
the saying is true,
but since you have today's birthday,
this rule is void.
Instead of the little word "to,"
there is a "because" needed -
Because you are a doctor! Drum I seal
until my skull smokes
and wish you, despite the semantics
and this long lyre,
that tonight the bubbly flows
at your great celebration!

You are the demigod at the bedside
and many patients find you nice:
That's why I wish you today
even more such people,
they make up for the rest quite easily!

You are celebrating your day of honor
and because I like you so much,
I wish you three things today
for medicine:
A practice, big and nice
with waiting room and skeleton,
which belongs to you all alone
and nobody bothers you.
In addition, private patients
with a lot of money and high pensions,
which frees you from pain
and then she points to bed.
And lastly, though
missing to the whole of one,
but I think, you already have it:
Enjoy the profession.
birthday wishes for doctors
birthday wishes for doctors

"Happy Birthday", we sing
and raise our beer,
bottled in a beaker -
that fits better than a measure.
There are chips from the kidney shell;
There were many parties,
but there is not everywhere
a medicine ball!
That's why we want to write here:
As you are, you must stay,
clever and conscientious -
a true doctor of passion,
full of humor and joy,
yes, we wish you all the best!

You are a really nice guy
and great lifesaver;
Birthday you have today
and me and all the people,
we wish you from the heart
(and that, without joking)
A pretty steep career,
so completely without a barrier.

It does not matter if the bile pinches me,
if the flu bothers me,
the blood values ​​go crazy,
or the stomach gnaws,
my doctor, he always listens
and knows the medicine,
I'll get well with him in no time,
he can do it again.
That's why, because he has a birthday,
I wrote him this poem,
he is a man of advice and action,
and I do not want to miss it.

Doctor knows my Zipperlein
and knows the medicine
and my wife doctor all alone,
she'll get me back.
It is Mrs. Doctor who recognizes
from afar any patient,
she knows every life story,
listen and do not judge.
Doctor is celebrating her birthday,
I congratulate,
because no doctor else I like,
and for no one else I'm tight '.

Dear, good veterinarian,
if a doctor like you would not be,
then the animals would have to invent him,
for spraying, auscultation, bonding.
And whether poodle, hamster or hare,
for everyone and everyone you have a nose,
the animals feel who they really like
Happy Birthday.
birthday wishes for doctors
birthday wishes for doctors

They would not be good for a long time,
my tired, old eyes,
would not be a specialist,
who misses those eyes.
I do not want to write long,
it should stay with a few lines,
only congratulations, in fact,
the best ophthalmologist of our city.

He has already seen so much
so many he saw already go,
and he always encourages everyone
Our doctor is kind hearted.
Many times he was ill himself
and has wavered with fatigue,
has always plagued us,
not complained about it for a word.
For my birthday, I wish you a happy birthday
a nice holiday, and very far away.

When nobody is there anymore
and if no man loves you,
It's the doctor who does not forget
that there is you on earth.
And today, I do not forget
that the doctor has his birthday,
a basket of powerful weight
Thank you for every action.

The diagnosis of the symptoms for next year shows
that the status praesens is coming to an end.
The etiology is a definite alcohol penie
which can be solved with a therapy in the circle of friends.
Therefore congratulations you genius
and that the lifesaver industry leaves you a little privacy left.

I wish you an extirpation of the worries
and a transplant of your wishes,
still hidden,
lie in your innermost
and hopefully be fulfilled before they fly away.

My definite prognosis is a cheerful diagnosis,
if you have a leather pants for the next visit
in the patient,
Therefore, a happy birthday
with this little post,
and that you think more about yourself next year.

In these unhealthy days
you have to endure a lot,
that's why it's often the Doctor's neck,
because the patients say one thing and only promise to behave well,
as the doctor thinks fit.
Therefore it is better with you, if one does not count the years,
because you already have more than you think.
I hope that next year your cholesterol level lowers,
and now is poured for your birthday.

May the exitus to your patient not hurry so much
and that they will stay for a long time under your successes.
We all appreciate your encephalon,
although you do not have enough pay
for your constant insomnia
due to the professional medical history.
We all feel deep sympathy and gratitude towards you for serving the good of humanity.
May today's euphoria
hold for a long time and we will give you pleasure with our gifts.

Do not let the alcohol hit the Gaster so hard today,
because tomorrow there are again patients who gave their fate into your hands,
and perhaps endure the foetor with melancholy.
I hope the birthday was good, and now that you're older,
deny new victories with much courage.

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Birthday Wishes for Zumba Instructor, Happy Birthday for Dance Teacher

Have you thrown me and wounded,
always found a way
To enforce your will
and to rush myself properly during zumba training.
Warp and forget no,
but today should be your day of honor.
That's why I want to send you in this way,
all the best, health and a long life.
birthday wishes for zumba instructor
birthday wishes for zumba instructor

Just stress and high expectations for me,
shape my memories of you.
This is now the end of this day,
I forgave you, no question.
You meant well,
even if I cried a lot earlier.
And soreness was there,
very hard for me was the last year.
But today I hope for your kindness,
I am tired of the constant moaning
and wish you a Merry Christmas,
only the best and many more years.

I followed your example,
I did not always want it.
Was often desperate and in the end,
but always you took my hands.
Showed me what's important,
Have you ever been ill, I missed you.
No one trains zumba as well as you,
even if you are tough, I admit it.
A smile flits across your face today,
because you are now one year wiser.
birthday wishes for zumba instructor
birthday wishes for zumba instructor

Sporty and well toned,
You have been and never embarrassed yourself.
Show me the limits
trains me hard and often branches,
were my thoughts and muscle strands,
because of your relentless constraints.
But you only wanted the best for me,
so all the best for cradle festivals.

Life is not a pony farm,
I often thought I was stupid.
But have you taken away my thoughts,
have always come with good tips.
I owe you the zumba career,
very often you put me in the place.
I took your tips seriously,
I made progress in zumba training.
I would like to thank you for that now
and celebrate your birthday, that breaks.
birthday wishes for zumba instructor
birthday wishes for zumba instructor

You have never been kind,
all the time you had to stress us.
You meant it only well.
Nevertheless, I often cried.
I often felt overwhelmed,
many things were ordered by you.
Performance, your highest priority,
After many training sessions, we were dead.
That's why - congratulations!

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Birthday Wishes for Fireman, Firefighter Birthday Quotes

the fire department
comes fast as lightning.
An emergency call came to us:
This is to be today's birthday!
On the cake all the candles -
You should not joke with that.
Drum blows out quickly now
and save your house with it.
And if you can not do it with blows.
then we help with hydropower.
birthday wishes for fireman
birthday wishes for fireman
 To today's birthday party
you deserve a special fire:
with torches, candles, flame flags -
the right thing for pyromaniacs.
This fire is now to enjoy,
and not to pour water on it.

A rumor is making the rounds here
and brings us the happy news,
that your birthday is year.
This is worth a party!
For what would our shift be,
would not you be in it?
You are always helpful,
you always have time for others.
That is why we wish for your party
for the next year you only the best!

birthday wishes for firefighter

Birthday at the Fire Department -
It can be quite high sometimes.
We do not have candles,
we ha'm the blue light yes.
The siren sings a serenade,
we have no knack for singing.
But that's all there is to it
in the fridge: it's full of beer!
birthday wishes for fireman
birthday wishes for fireman

Whether it's hailing or snowing -
the fire department is always ready.
Is a party in the house,
we move to the mission,
help, where we can,
and we do not let anything burn!
There is no rest from any cake
if you just let us help!

Because we all like you so much
as our buddy and colleagues,
we congratulate you today
and wish for the next time
Health, joy, happy sense,
maybe in the lottery a win.
Let yourself be celebrated and pampered,
and crown for today the king!
birthday wishes for fireman
birthday wishes for fireman

As everyone knows for sure
the fire department cooks very hot.
And for your birthday meal
is the food first choice!
Full of spiciness and seasoning
we made it in a nutshell.
And do you spit fire after eating,
then it was a great celebration!

Today the red car stops,
Today we do not want to delete.
Nothing should disturb our celebration,
if your cake is consumed.
Should it still burn somewhere,
others have to run today.

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Birthday Wishes for Someone Who Loves Music

Do you have sounds?
I still hear your music and think I'm in the woods.
You still have it and make us sound.
Together with you, we want to sing.
And we congratulate you very well.
Keep up the good work because you are so great!
birthday wishes for someone who loves music
birthday wishes for someone who loves music

Music that is your life, always and now.
We're going to sing and dance today, it's cracking.
We want to celebrate today, your day of honor.
Is that really true and right?
I want to know that, because that's important!
You are so fit, the radiant life.
Can it be that the sounds give you that energy?
Happy Birthday

birthday wishes for music lovers

A song on the lips and always in the heart.
With you you can sing, celebrate and joke.
Especially on this special day
Come to you, because everyone likes you.
We congratulate you and sing a serenade
and shake your hands.
Happy Birthday!

Rocky and snotty that everyone looks the same.
Just let them see who can do it.
It's your birthday today, you old man.
We celebrate you today and let you live,
make music until the neighbors stick to the ceiling.
Let it crack and drink on you
and hope you stay rock-like for many more years.
Happy Birthday!
birthday wishes for someone who loves music
birthday wishes for someone who loves music

Music keeps you young, you can see that on you.
But you are the proof, I can only say
And dare serenade yourself:
Happy Birthday to you!

Whether trumpet, piano, violin, trombone.
Everyone is in a good mood today.
Because you have your birthday, the seventieth. Applause!
Today we celebrate you and rock the house.
Congratulations to you.
You are a great role model for me!
birthday wishes for someone who loves music
birthday wishes for someone who loves music

Make music, dance and laugh,
These are the things that make you young.
Because how do you manage to look so good?
Surely you can make the hundred quite round.
I'll keep my fingers crossed and say:
Today is your birthday and you are celebrating wildly.
Today it will certainly be loud and not mild.
Happy Birthday!

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Birthday Wishes for a Guitar Player, Happy Birthday Guitarist, Artist

birthday wishes for a guitar player
birthday wishes for a guitar player

The right notes may always accompany you,
Your life should you agree with a secure grip,
just like your strings,
and it's supposed to fit every groove and every reef!
Whether you're plucking or beating
intone your favorite piece,
Your life-melody is always supportive,
we wish you good luck for your birthday!

Life draws you into its spell,
as only a good reef can
Your hookline in life, she is always perfect
and unforgettable - with earwig effect!
It always pleases you melody and sound,
infinite is the range,
the acoustics are completely correct
and there is no lack of resonance!
Your enthusiasm that she should never fade,
you always want to find the right rhythm
Life is always the perfect instrument for you -
For this we wish you the talent for your birthday!

In the next year of life may succeed
every day is full of harmony,
that's how your life makes you sound,
so the melody remains full of lightness!

Years full of joy and full of music,
We wish that for a lifetime
and to health still and happiness
should determine your life sound!

birthday wishes for a guitar player
birthday wishes for a guitar player

No matter if major or minor
Your mood should always fit,
I wish you all the best and beautiful
and always the right handles and tones!

Be melodious every word,
the sounds are always harmonious,
full of harmony every single chord
and the feeling of happiness, it will be chronic!

Whether fifth, fourth or thirds,
in any variation,
I wish you with all my heart
good luck and always the right lifestyle!

Not all luck in this world
always depends only on good and money -
I know, much better than all the Zaster
you would be a real Stratocaster!

The sound of the Knopfler Mark -
even a Gibson would be strong,
and fingers that fix just like that,
like that of Warlock Jimi Hendrix!

You would also thank your karma
for a solo like Carlos Santana!
You want to go to the "Stairway to heaven" with Led Zeppelin

birthday wishes for a guitar player
birthday wishes for a guitar player

I would like to give you all that,
but - you can not think now
I want to cloud your enthusiasm now -
this is not a "gift", you have to practice that!

The guitar alone can not give the rash,
because that's like everywhere in life,
even if the instrument is so highly recommended -
it depends on how you play it!

That's why I wish you for your birthday for all time
the perfect dexterity for your life instrument!

Let the chords sound, because today is your birthday! Make a party of it,
and play something on your guitar, the more warm our applause!

We congratulate you when your guitar cries softly, or when it pluckses happily, in the spirit of old guitarists!

The guitar is your best friend, and you will certainly not leave it silent today in the corner. In any case, we look forward to you accompanying your own birthday serenade, so congratulations and please play something!

The body of a guitar ensures that it produces beautiful music. This is similar to humans: the body is, so to speak, the prerequisite for life. What you make of it, however, is the responsibility of the musician or the person, the guitarist or the one who lives his life. In this sense: Congratulations and a happy new year!

We congratulate you and wish you a musical new year of life with many right notes!

We know you with your guitar always at hand, but today it's your turn to be celebrated! Let's congratulate you on a happy birthday and make other music, so you have enough time to celebrate, eat and drink, because with the guitar in your hand, you do not have your hands free. But if you want to make music, we will not stop you ...

Your guitar means more to you than just an instrument; she is a friend with whom you can make great music. We wish you lots of fun playing the guitar and are happy about your nice hobby!

With music, in fact, much easier: The aging becomes a minor matter and is just a good occasion for you to bring out your guitar and play us something beautiful. That's why we wish you a happy birthday and hope that you continue to enjoy us with your guitar pieces!

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Birthday Wishes for Pastor, Happy Birthday Pastor, Priest Bday Wishes

Dear Pastor, I would like to convey my best wishes for your birthday. Thank you very much for the assistance I have received from you lately. As Goethe himself once said, "I may say that I never returned empty-handed when I sought God under pressure and need." They receive everyone with open arms and patiently help to find God in all situations of life.

birthday wishes for pastor
birthday wishes for pastor
 "If God does not understand fun, I do not want to go to heaven." This beautiful quote comes from none other than Martin Luther! Dear Pastor, we are so glad that with you we have a happy, open-minded and humorous pastor by our side. We wish you all the best for your birthday today. Stay as you are, for you are a blessing to the whole community!

Happy birthday, dear pastor! We wish you continued good health for your new year. Take good care of yourself with all the often heavy obligations that come your way. Receive your cheerful mind and trust the sincere friendship of so many people in our community. God bless you!

It is a blessing to know that there are people like you, dear pastor. Sincere listeners, consolators, hope-bearers and mediators of community and love. You are a true happiness for our community! We wish you all the best for your new year and God's help in all your ways.
birthday wishes for pastor
birthday wishes for pastor
"Lord, you are the security, the peace, the happiness and the joy." This is how Francis of Assisi once praised God, expressing all the qualities that a person desires to feel in good hands. You too, dear pastor, unite these wonderful qualities of security, peace, happiness and joy in you! We feel good about you and wish you all the best for your birthday! God be with you!

"Go through man, and you will come to God." This advice was given by the church teacher Augustine many hundreds of years ago. You, dear pastor, seem to take him fully to heart. Their humanity and openness inspire us and give us time and again God trust. Go on like that! Our warmest congratulations on your birthday!

You always have an open ear for everyone
and take the worry with humor.
You know, heaven loves you very much
and did not send you without reason.
It is your way and your duty
to help - and you do not suspect
how well your words do us,
which you give us without resting.
But today we come to you
and all are radiant here,
to say "Thank you very much",
the world would be pretty empty without us pastor.
Happy Birthday.
birthday wishes for pastor
birthday wishes for pastor
When God created you, he thought,
I'll make you and send you here
to people who need faith
that money and power are wasted quickly.
And that happiness is in yourself.
But only if everyone wakes it up,
then life is easy and cheerful
and everyone passes the joy on.
And when the worries hit you,
then there is your strong back,
to which man can lean,
to you, you god-given man.
Degrees today, on your jubilee day,
God is especially happy and strong
and makes the love shine out of you.
With this band he wants to unite,
what he protects, very quiet and gentle,
You wonderful man he made.
From the heart of all happy birthday

The sun shines brighter today,
because you have your birthday.
The flowers and the birds
are very early your guest.
God send only good things in your life,
He thought it up for you
and I want to give you pleasure,
has always watched over you.

Do you hear the soft word in you?
God speaks here in a gentle voice
and say, "You are my dear child,
I put luck in you quickly,
because today is your birthday,
I think of you, did not miss it. "

The night is sometimes dark,
but in the morning, happiness comes
that is how God created it,
at the beginning, piece by piece.
And today he wants to tell you
what miracle you are,
the greatest of his creation,
so that you never forget
he loves you over everything,
since the beginning of time
and it will never end.
Are you ready for it?

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Birthday Wishes for Supervisor, Boss, Mentor, Team Leader, Sir and Lady

What if the supervisor gets one year older? How best to congratulate These birthday sayings for the boss can serve as a template and bring ideas! Supervisor is not the same boss. This should be considered when choosing the appropriate award. Some bosses are like a friend, some others like a good colleague and others are totally clear who the boss is.

birthday wishes for supervisor
birthday wishes for supervisor
Choose therefore a suitable saying. In a friendly relationship, he may be a little naughty. Otherwise, you should use selected words, so that the well-intentioned birthday wishes do not go backwards. Of course, you can also use the birthday sayings for a private birthday card.

Best Birthday Wishes for Supervisor

The Supervisor has today 's birthday, so it sounds through the room, a former office closing, oh, that would be a dream! All the best wishes you the whole office, health, happiness and prosperity, well, anyway! A piece of birthday cake, a lot of laughter, a small sip of sparkling wine, so you celebrate properly at work.

Having a great Supervisor is not taken for granted, so today we want to say thank you for all the many successful days together. Good cooperation is always possible with you as a boss, thanks for the fair play and the good working atmosphere; we think you are all great. Happy Birthday, health and success, we are really proud of you.
birthday wishes for supervisor
birthday wishes for supervisor
Dear Supervisor, you are the best, congratulations to the cradle party. They do not look much older. (Remember, when it comes to salaries!) The best boss we have, the only one we have here. No, now seriously, without any fun, we like to give you a go. They are also a human force, we looked for such a boss. My best wishes on your Birthday!

My Supervisor, if we did not have you, we'd all be in bed. But because you give us a lot of work, we unfortunately have to rise from it. Now we celebrate your day of honor, raise the glass to you without complaint. What would we be without you, the office would be on its knees. Stay always well, otherwise the company goes to the dogs.

Dear Supervisor, it's hard to believe it's been a year. You are celebrating your birthday again today, you are singing birthday songs for you. I wish good health and a lot of joy from my heart today. Here on earth, good times let you be accompanied by happiness. Enjoy with your loved ones, the cake you will surely get.

Today is your birthday, so we ask, dear Supervisor, the following application: Through more breaks and a salary increase, comes into this company more satisfaction and momentum. If you enjoy your day of honor today, we are already trying to crawl onto the executive chair. We do not mean this saying seriously, (hope) you notice, because otherwise tomorrow a whole department does not appear to work.

Hello Supervisor, are we getting free today? Because we would like to be part of the celebration. Is the annual leave increased because we send such beautiful congratulations? And boss, we want to press you hard at the party later. You're the coolest boss in the world, that's why you get so naughty questions on your birthday. Happy Birthday!

birthday wishes for supervisor
birthday wishes for supervisor
The Polonaise roars in the cellar, vans drive faster, the trainee, this plague, do not ask a stupid question, everyone knows what it's all about - the party of the century is. Is honored as a good planner, conscience, role model, permanent fellow, in the stable all the best Ross, has birthday tomorrow - today 'only the Supervisor.

Order flowers and make coffee, get a birthday present and have a drink. Now the Supervisor can walk into the office and we wave him to us joyfully. Everything, all the best and good luck, you look back with pride on your life. Oh, is not it beautiful? Now you can retire soon.

The office is full of people, everyone is already there very early. Because the Supervisor has his birthday today, we want to celebrate it, it's clear. Work today is not so important, you should live high and long. Tomorrow we are all sick and pale-faced, no matter, we take this occasion of celebration.

Dear Sir, We want to take your birthday as an opportunity to tell you how fair, comradely and friendly we feel about your leadership style. Happy Birthday and have a nice day your coffee drinkers, smoker, sleepers, festibatscher, nonsense copiers and private users!

Hello Mentor, you do not believe, in this mail is a poem. Not for business as intended, just for fun. Your birthday is important to us, today we celebrate you right, look into the kitchen, there could be something for you. Hey Supervisor - Happy Birthday from your team!

Today is a very special day: - All customers are incredibly friendly. - The phone rings with a particularly nice tone. - The fax rattles quietly and satisfied. - The office plants are blooming. - And all employees today are hungry for coffee and cake ... What happened? Our Supervisor's birthday and we all congratulate!

Today we let it rip, also the Supervisor may laugh once! In the kitchen is coffee, the cake brought a fairy. In the office in a little corner is a nicely packed parcel. The content is still top secret, but it should be from the heart. Congratulations on your birthday from your entire team. Celebrate beautifully!

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Funny Happy Birthday Memes for 2019

Funny happy birthday meme
Funny happy birthday meme 
happy birthday gorgeous! may your birthday cake be moist!
Funny happy birthday meme
Funny happy birthday meme
happy birthday. I was going to drink anyway.

Funny happy birthday meme
Funny happy birthday meme
I wish you happy birthday in chinese. yung no mo!

Funny happy birthday meme
Funny happy birthday meme
I know i wont see you but happy birthday!

Funny happy birthday meme
Funny happy birthday meme
happy birthday and believe me, no one can wish you a better happy birthday than me donald trump

Funny happy birthday meme
Funny happy birthday meme
happy birthday. thank you for always being older than me.

Funny happy birthday meme
Funny happy birthday meme 
I'm morgan freeman, and i am wishing you a happy birthday and you just read that in my voice
Funny happy birthday meme
Funny happy birthday meme
happy birthday. keep it classy.... no wine from a box

Funny happy birthday meme
Funny happy birthday meme
I dont always say happy birthday but when i do, its only to legends

Funny happy birthday meme
Funny happy birthday meme
May you grow so old that people mistake your boobs for nuts! happy birthday

Happy 2nd Birthday Wishes Princess, Girl, Boy

The second birthday party is a very special day, especially for the parents. The child will probably not remember this day later, parents and grandparents but all the more. In this case, many grandmothers and grandfathers like to think twice about declaring the birthday wishes in a not too conventional way for their 2 year old grandson. A simple "Happy Birthday" is usually not too good, especially since you often get a greeting card, which you hand over to a nice gift to the parents. Popular toys here are often rustling or educational toys about which certainly the parents are happy.

happy 2nd birthday wishes
happy 2nd birthday wishes

happy 2nd birthday wishes for baby boy daughter princess

What's that nice day,
where our / our're ... birthday has!
2 years you are in this world now
and the sunshine that lights our day!
You are the greatest treasure for us,
That's why there is now NEN big smack!
Can someone tell me
Do we have a birthday boy here?
A truly sweet-sweet child,
as cute as angels are otherwise?
One, maybe ... means
and does not know anything about his 2nd birthday?
Actually - I found it, there it is:
Dear, I wish you all the best and a happy new year!
First one, then two - that's great,
our / ours ... is getting big now!
Can you already have so many great things,
that make you and us so happy!
With you life is exciting, beautiful and colorful,
there is laughter, dancing - there it goes!
We wish you that it stays that way,
live a life full of love, happiness and joy!
... will be 2 years old today,
that really does not leave anyone cold!
This is celebrated until it crashes,
and small ... laugh with us for the bet!
We wish you, right here and now,
all the best and that happiness never leaves you!
happy 2nd birthday wishes
happy 2nd birthday wishes

The birthday girl a loud hip-hip hurray!
Klein .... is actually already 2 years!
Today you have several wishes,
Also your favorite cake is included!
Strongly we want to make you live,
sing, jump, dance and laugh with you.
It's going to be a great day,
Every one of us likes to remember.
That's why we wish you on all your ways
all love, good luck and God's abundant blessing!
Our little sweet mouse,
we wish quite freely,
only the best for the 2nd birthday
and have fun at their party!
Ri, Ra, Slide -
the .... gets a kiss now!
Because he / she will be two years today,
everyone is happy here.
Ri, Ra, Slide -
the one, that's gone now!
A little bird came in the night
and brought me a message:
The / the ... is already 2 years,
that is celebrated - it is clear!
I got up quickly
and thought up a nice present for me.
Hopefully you'll like it,
otherwise I prefer to keep it here!
Do not worry - that was just a joke -
the gift is only for you, my heart!
Tip-tap, tip-tap,
two little feet tripping around the world,
pitsch-patsch, pitsch-patsch,
two little hands reach for the sky.
happy 2nd birthday wishes
happy 2nd birthday wishes

Clip-on folding, clip-folding,
two small eyes blink in wonder,
zip-zap, zip-zap,
listen to two small ears, whatever happens.
And what do you hear? What could that be?
It's a birthday serenade - just for you!
2 years you will - this is a hit,
And all your friends are partying!
Trari-trara - now it starts!
Celebrate your birthday - that's great!
We wish you lots of fun,
at your cradle festival number 2!
Look, look at little mouse.
Today you look much older.
You are already 2 years old,
Madness like that happens in an instant.
We all want to tell you Happy Birthday,
hug you and carry you on hands.
Congratulations on the 2nd birthday for the best grandchild that there is! Grandma and Grandpa have brought you something beautiful and want to give you the very best wishes for blessing along the way.
The second Burzeltag is a nice day
Everyone in this shop shows you that he likes you.
Today you are our star all alone,
Yes, best regards and celebration very wonderful.
happy 2nd birthday wishes
happy 2nd birthday wishes

Happy Birthday my dear little sparrow! If your parents were not here I would take you smoothly, you are so sweet.
For the second birthday all the love and the greatest happiness in the world. Have a great birthday party and enjoy every minute in your life.
We wish your little Windelpuper for children's birthday all the best. Surely you have already read your child's wish from your lips and organized a huge party.
I am sure that you can give a 2 year old girl a nice teddy bear. But only one who is at least as cuddly as she!
With 2 years you look gorgeous,
out of the diapers you're out soon.
I also wish you all the best,
a lot of health and success still more.
Hippi, Hurray the second is the best day of the year.
Officially, you are getting bigger and warmly welcomed by all,
no wonder, if you also sweeten the day for us.
Grandma and Grandpa love you very much
we wish a lot of health and happiness for life.
We have already missed our dearest godchild,
We all know how happy you are every day.
For the 2nd my little sweetheart I wish all the best,
I am always there for you, I give you my oath!
Year after year you get older, soon you are three.
Everyone comes to celebrate you,
We have a wonderful son,
our love and blessing are yours.
happy 2nd birthday wishes
happy 2nd birthday wishes 
My child congratulations on the 2nd birthday. You make every day indescribably beautiful, because we want to spoil you with all our means.
No matter if 2, 3 or 4.
We wish you all the best for ever.
Also, if you soon forget today,
Let's measure ourselves today in the cake feed.
We are all here to sing with you,
with so many nice things.
Go your way my child and always stay true to yourself. Life offers us so many opportunities to master. Surely mum and dad will prepare you well this way and we are always behind you. Congratulations from all of us.
Who would have thought this yesterday,
Today you woke up with a 2 in the petto.
You will soon have big dreams in you,
so big that there are almost no rooms for this.
But yes, you can do anything in life,
You only have to get up.
Mayor or doctor you can become,
to do good in heaven and on earth.
Now we want to search for the right words,
Happy Birthday party still book.
The 2-year holiday is very special today,
In addition, with twins you have the place already full of people.
From our birthday the sweetest congratulation,
soon you can stand on your own.

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Happy 1st Birthday Wishes for Boy and Girl and Grandchild

When a child celebrates his first birthday, he should be congratulated. At the age of one year, the child will not be able to accept the congratulations himself, so that the congratulations are usually directed more to mom and dad. Here are some warm wishes for the first birthday of boys and girls presented, which you can write in a birthday card. Such a card can look at the child and recognize perhaps familiar motifs.
Happy 1st birthday wishes
Happy 1st birthday wishes
Alternatively, you can send the pictures presented here with congratulations via WhatsApp or Facebook to the parents, which align the wishes of the little offspring and show the birthday pictures. All congratulations and sayings for the first birthday are free for private use.
These children's birthday wishes are for girls and boys, relatives and friends, and for all those who love raising a one-year-old child. There are a few funny congratulations, but mostly it is about sweet and sweet, child-friendly short lines and texts that can be sent to each recipient.

1st birthday congratulations for boys

This very colorful picture for the first birthday shows the lucky beetle as a symbol that you wish the child and of course his parents good luck. On a colorful flower meadow flowers greet the birthday boy. The beetles crawl around the big slogan with heartfelt birthday greetings and ring in the new year of life. This is a picture that will certainly bring a smile to even the very small people in this world.

Congratulations on the 1st birthday of your little boy. I wish him and of course his parents a great start to the second year!

I am not sure if you will travel to Mars later or become a professional footballer, but I am already sure that you can do anything you want. You are a very special little boy. Congratulations on your first birthday!
Happy 1st birthday wishes
Happy 1st birthday wishes
1 year you are already in the world and have already experienced so much. There are still many adventures coming to you. I wish you a lot of fun and send you my warm wishes to your cradle party.

I wish you all the happiness of the world and fantastic gifts for your 1st birthday. Is there actually Babyboy with the taste of a birthday cake?

Happy Birthday, my little darling. Tell me, if mom and dad are not very nice to you today, then I'll scold them!

High he should live, high he should live, three times high! Congratulations on your 1st anniversary in this world!

1st birthday congratulations for girls

A little girl is congratulated on the first birthday a little differently than a boy. Therefore, here are some congratulations that have been specially formulated for girls who are one year old. One-year-olds may not read their birthday wishes themselves, but have them read aloud by their parents. Even if a girl at the age of one year certainly can not do much with a sweet congratulation on her birthday, so you can still wish the parents a great day with the little ones. In addition, beautiful pictures are a way for young children to show them the special nature of the birthday.

A rainbow is certainly very popular with little girls. Even if she does not yet know what such a rainbow means, it is a motley motive that many children have certainly seen in a children's book. The big one symbolizes the birthday, over it runs the lettering "Happy Birthday". It is a child-friendly birthday picture that you can share with a mouse click on Facebook, but that you can also send quickly and easily via WhatsApp to the mother or father of the little birthday boy.

I wish your little princess all the luck in the world on her first anniversary and that the second year of her life will bring many great adventures full of fun and joy for her.
Happy 1st birthday wishes
Happy 1st birthday wishes

I am not sure if you will become a veterinarian or join the next Nasa mission, but I'm sure you can do anything you want. You are a very special little girl. Congratulations on your 1st birthday.

I send you colorful birthday greetings and wish you a lot of fun on your first birthday in this world. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, my little darling. Did you already say the first words? In a year you will talk your parents a chop to the leg, I'm sure!

You have mastered the first 365 days journey of the earth around the sun excellently. I wish you a lot of fun on the second circuit. Congratulations on your 1st birthday.

Hopefully, on your first anniversary on Earth, you'll get awesome gifts. I send you my dearest congratulations!

1st birthday Congratulations for the grandchild

If you would like to congratulate your grandson on your first birthday, then you would like to find a particularly beautiful saying. Maybe these phrases can give a suggestion for a birthday greeting to the grandchild. These are congratulations from grandma and grandfather, but also from grandmother or grandfather alone. In any case, these congratulations grandsons as well as for a granddaughter are suitable and are certainly sent by every proud grandpa and every proud grandma. The little ones will perhaps be less pleased with the lyrics than with the pictures or the gifts that usually accompany the congratulations.

This cute bunny brings congratulations to the 1st birthday for the grandchild. It is drawn in comic style and in the speech bubble is the slogan with the children's birthday wishes. A small heart and a colorful 1 are highlighted. Even one year olds will love this rabbit and be happy about the congratulation.

Congratulations to the sweetest princess in the world from the proudest grandparents in the world! You are a huge treasure!

I believe that no granny around the world was so happy about a grandson like me. Now you are already one year old and you are still the greatest treasure you can wish for. Happy Birthday.

I wholeheartedly wish you all the best for your first birthday. And if you keep mom and dad busy, then I like to jump in as a babysitter!
Happy 1st birthday wishes
Happy 1st birthday wishes

I wish you a lot of fun and lots of new toys for your first cradle party! I'll send you a kiss and cuddle you!

Happy Birthday, my little grandchild. I'm the proudest grandpa with the greatest grandchild you can imagine. I wish you a great second year!

For your first birthday, I have to tell your mom and dad that they are doing an excellent job of educating you for a real sunshine. I wish you a great day of honor!

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80th Birthday Wishes for Mother, HAPPY 80TH BIRTHDAY TO MY MOM!

Celebrate a special birthday today,
Congratulating everyone,
Mama makes the 80 complete
we really like that!

80th birthday wishes for mother
80th birthday wishes for mother

80 years are a long life,
and it has given you a lot.
Rain is always followed by sunshine,
May it be a sunny celebration today.


Our center, dear mom, that's you
You can do it for us and always listen.
We congratulate you from the heart
and give you 80 birthday candles.


80 years and rarely quiet,
sometimes a bit old-fashioned,
dear mom stay as you are,
we wish you a celebration,
you never forget.


Our birthday song comes from the heart today,
just like gifts and cake with candles,
Your 80th birthday is the feast of the feasts,
Mom, you are our very best!

80th birthday wishes for mother
80th birthday wishes for mother

Today we do not care about the weather,
You only get 80 years once.
On your day of honor we want to be happy together
and pack many presents for you.


Health and a long life,
may the next years give you.
We wish you the best of luck on your 80th birthday
You look back on many beautiful moments.


Today you will be 80 years,
and except for a few gray hairs,
are you still in top shape -
Congratulations mom, that's huge!


For the 80th birthday you look back on a long life,
You gave your family a lot.
We wish you many healthy years with good luck,
look back happily at your celebration.


Dear Mom, 80 years smart and wise,
are behind you on your life's journey.
Always look forward and in joy,
We wish you moments full of happiness.


Let's celebrate today is your day,
My congratulations show you how much I like you.
You have always cared for me and taken care of me with all my strength,
and thereby made the 80 years full.


We want to give you a birthday saying,
and think about mom today.
Achieved the eighth zero today
It was not always easy in life.
Let yourself celebrate and forget all worries,
look forward to the next morning.


Good luck and blessings for the 80th birthday,
today there should only be sun for you.
With colorful gifts and birthday cake,
we are happy to visit you.


Rain or shine,
for birthday coffee you invite today.
We would like to celebrate your day of honor with you,
on the 80th we toast with champagne and beer.


Joy, happiness and sunshine,
come into your heart today.
Mom I wish you the best,
and celebrate with you a feast of the festivals.


Accompany you happiness and blessings,
on your other life paths.
We congratulate you mom with a lot of momentum,
Even with 80 years you feel young.

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70th Birthday Wishes for Mother, My Mom's 70th Birthday Message from Me :)

At 70 you are fast as never,
sometimes it also tweaks in the back and knee,
does not make you feel like it,
can defeat us,
while biking, gardening, playing cards,
can you still feel like 40?
That's why we wish you a cradle party
only the best for the years to come.

70th birthday wishes for mother
70th birthday wishes for mother
Our mother is today 70 years
and it feels wonderful.
She has done a lot in life,
so many times new.
Given great love to children,
The grandchildren enrich their lives now.
All of us are ready today
Thank you - for the nice time.


You can not believe that you turn 70 today!
To make you sing loud,
let's allow ourselves today.
We wish you a nice party
let's swing the dance leg,
you like the coming years
just bring happiness and joy.

70th birthday wishes for mother
70th birthday wishes for mother

At 70 years you look back,
not always you were lucky.
But you never gave up,
it always went on somehow.
You have brought us children into life,
not only our thanks today.
Keep up the good life,
we always want to give you support!


For 70 years you are in the world,
have brightened our lives.
Was there sorrow or worry
you were always there.
This morning was still dark, was the morning
then bright again for us.
Because every one of us likes you,
let's celebrate your day of honor today!


Do not think about the daily plague today
lean back on your 70th day of honor.
As a mother, you've done a lot in life,
but sometimes the strength is lacking today,
did you always go to school,
to help us children in every situation.
That's why we want to tell you
how nice it is that we have you.
We wish you to your present day feast,
Health, joy and the very best!


Dear mother!
You will be 70 today,
quite a few are wearing gray hair,
but you are not old iron,
Do your duty daily.
Should something not quite fit,
we can rely on your advice.
We wish you health and a lot of strength,
so that you can do the 100 too.

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Best 60th Birthday Wishes, Messages for Mom

If you had not seen the light of the world 60 years ago,
That would be, no doubt, God's greatest mishap.
The worst misfortune concerning me, that much would be lost to me,
Security and your love, I would not even have been born!
Therefore, I wish the best, the best and the only true
Mom, and much, much, in the next 60 years!

60th birthday wishes for mother
60th birthday wishes for mother

Dear Mom, 60 years! I still can not believe it!
How should that fit with your nature and your being?
So young and beautiful in heart and spirit;
So fresh and strong in the chest and groin;
Never would I have thought that years can be hidden!

Dear Mom, 60 years! I still can not believe it!
Should not be dusty in the living room at the age of 60?
In the rocking chair with good wine;
And a book for a good appearance;
No trace of your way of life can allow such conclusions!

Dear Mom, 60 years old, you probably do not believe that yourself!
Not a single proof to you, who speaks for the hypothesis!

60th birthday wishes for mother
60th birthday wishes for mother

Are you 60 years old? Traces left only,
60 springs and summer, with flowers and sunshine!
No autumn foggy fog, no winter snowfall speaks,
From your warm, calm eyes and your gentle face.
Neither darkness nor cold, hide in your heart,
Because the bright sun laughs out of that, along with 60 little sparklers!

Who will be 60 today,
and who is the only true,
My mum!
Is the only true,
Answer only, to this question!

60th birthday wishes for mother
60th birthday wishes for mother

Good luck to the 60th birthday,
because you are our best piece.
May all your wishes come true,
We want to see you very happy today.
Gifts are available later with coffee and cake,
We really like to visit you today.
On the birthday cake we are very happy
and to see you much more.

I wish you all the best and say, remember:
At the age of 60, life really starts.

60 years are worth
that you are honored especially.
That's why we want to tell you today:
It's nice that we have you!

We wish you flowers and candles,
We are here with gifts today.
After all, you will only live 60 years once in a lifetime,
that's why there has to be a really great celebration.
The best time begins for you
The golden years start - if not now when?

The true art of living is to see the miraculous in everyday life.

Once, faithfully and diligently,
he did some deep pull.
Only after being twice 30,
he said, "It's enough now!
Of the deeds, well done,
loves to rest,
and now it's up to the boy
likewise their duty to do.

Do not make the 60 years old
and not the gray hair.
You are only old when you lose
and you are no longer interested in anything.

Everyone who gets the ability
To recognize beautiful
will never grow old.

60th birthday wishes for mother
60th birthday wishes for mother

60 years ago you saw the light of day. I hope you look back with a smile on all the time.

Wine and sparkling wine and a few clear
... and a strike on sixty years!

Life is beautiful, life is long, now it depends on your 6er a 0er. The 5 and 9 are past, but you still have enough time. Your life begins with new goals and dreams. From clear lakes and tall trees. Happy Birthday!

The more you thought, the more you did, the longer you lived.

What in your 60 years,
has everything happened to you,
have experienced a lot and seen a lot,
many mishaps happened to you,
but also success was always present
on all your life paths.

Dude, dance, despite the years!
What joy when it says:
Dude, you're old at years,
blooming but is your spirit!

60 years - what a number! A reason to celebrate is that!

Unstoppable, quiet and silent
multiply the annual circles.
Suddenly in the passage of time
a round number is wide.
If you wake up this morning,
did you make the 60 full?
Every year has its meaning,
as it comes, take it.
For everything you do, thanks!
Stay healthy, never get sick!

The human being, who ages fast,
First he wears jeans, later flannel.
The teeth are getting yellow,
that does not look good, you realize yourself.
Low in physical activity, more weight,
the hair gets ugly,
whether less or tinted the hair,
That's how it goes with the years.
At you sixty, I realize
all this is still coming!
You are so fit and mopsfidel,
make no secret of the sixty!

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