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The 40th birthday marks a turning point in life: If you do not have a child here, you usually bury this wish with it. Anyone who has not achieved in his career what was once in the imagination, can usually bury his dreams. And who lives happily with partner and child, looks back on half a life and forward in another half life. The 40th birthday is therefore ideal for life's sayings.

Some things are shifting: Women are becoming mothers in old age thanks to various methods and men are boxing champions at the age of 40+. Of course, this is not. The phase in which a person reproduces or fights for a high social status is actually completed at this age. The 40th birthday invites you to beautiful sayings and songs.
happy 40th birthday wishes
happy 40th birthday wishes

"40" often means: time of first memory and reflection. One hears once again the music from the past decades. You look back and yet forward, because the one is not so far away and the other still so far away. Countless authors offer themselves here as sayings for the birthday of a jubilee, of which nobody is to be emphasized here. However, it is important not to give a trash to a person who is 40 years old. The following poems and / or essays speak a clear language here.

The 40th birthday is often accompanied by a big party. Whatever is presented will therefore meet with a large audience and remain in the memory of many individuals for a long time. There are many proverbs for the 40th birthday and most of them are on a manageable level or are kept so personal that they are not arbitrarily transferable. Our portal has set itself the task of picking sayings for the anniversary, which meet the occasion.

Since the 40th birthday marks approximately half of life, it has a high symbolic significance. The proverbs should therefore be appropriate and not too express the audacity of the youth, but not the mildness of the age. With us you will certainly find something to celebrate the middle of the fair and to be able to celebrate.

happy 40th birthday wishes

Now you have already done forty years,
Of course we want it to crash,
because you are already a special number,
Sadly, sometimes we worry
are lively, loud, a bit shrill,
a whirlwind, if you like
bring momentum into our lives,
with wit and charm and not just sham,
so we say it uncomplicated,
For your birthday, congratulations!

Forty years ago, it was time
It was time for you,
to see the bright light of this world,
Now we do not want to send you any more.
Today you are a good friend to me,
with which one likes to stray through the area.
With you everyday life is not so stressful,
always having a good time together,
so it's not a question for me,
that I wish you a happy birthday!

At the age of forty - so you could say
there you should not despair,
do not take every crease right away,
to see them as a sign of dignity and wisdom,
and if the back sometimes tweaks,
the tummy also grows awkwardly,
then you should not forget it
This is not unreasonable in old age.
But now I do not want to teach you anymore,
The congratulations do not continue to deny.
I wish you all the best for your birthday
and draw no pout because of the forty!

It's been forty years
it's hard to believe
you entered our lives
and we became our sunshine.
Today you have arrived in life,
have tackled work and family.
We know - you will master it,
always delight us with your style,
we wish you for all time,
Success, happiness and satisfaction.

I do not want to miss it,
You to write these lines.
It does not leave me cold after all,
that you will be forty years old.
So I want to give you these words
and especially remember
that you are an important person for me,
who is honest, loyal and always ready
to go through difficult times with me,
just to see the beauty in life.
So I want to congratulate and thank you,
with these thoughts written for the birthday.

In our time - there it is custom
and of course I agree
to congratulate for a birthday,
because that's the good manners.
So this is your fortieth day,
so I want to be the most diligent,
with these beautifully rhyming words,
not with high calorie pies,
say it - only with one sentence:
As a human, you are a precious treasure,
I hereby congratulate
wholeheartedly - not just for decoration.

Since you are already forty,
the thirties maybe missing,
I would like to give you some encouragement,
because even with forty you can still laugh.
Life is still good to enjoy
You do not have to spoil yourself.
You have to pay attention - yes, I know,
because you are threatened by the midlife crisis.
So I wish you for the coming time
Happiness, joy and serenity.

Today is the day,
Your cradle party is tilting for the 40th time.
Whatever you are waiting for in life,
will not happen if you do not start now.
Use the second half of life,
to be happy and not to be there in vain.
I wish you the best of wishes,
the time will tell me you.

Good luck in the life half two,
now the youth is finally over.
But what lies ahead of you will make you happy
can scatter your wise thoughts.
Because at 40, that's for sure
you let yourself go through as serious.

Your kids will find you old,
they'll be surprised if it pops today.
The mood rises and the sparkling wine flows,
You really enjoy our company.
For you today begins a time
which leads you to new regions, far.
All the love for the cradle party,
Joy, health and only the best.

The young girls are now taboo,
I say and watch you.
As you look for a meaning in life,
Not really dare to ask you.
Take it for granted
not everything has a deeper meaning.
But today the worries are gone,
the 40th we celebrate outside the home.

There is a lot to suggest
that you want to surprise us for a party.
For your 40th birthday,
You have planned something special, what a question.
But I came to congratulate,
So you do not have to adore me.
Can you give yourself what you are,
also today for your cradle party.

For a long time you are in doubt,
realize that you are slowly leaving hair.
Also, the muscles are no longer,
Your six pack has been around for a while.
But today is not a day to be worried
You about things that can annoy you even tomorrow.
Let's raise the glasses and cheers,
on your 40th now a toast!

Surely you have already discovered
that not everything is perfect.
You speak of planning and organizing,
even want to do a doctorate.
Then do it, my dear friend,
it starts a new life today.
Are 40 years and always wise,
all the best for your new journey.

Do not you see your age as a shortcoming,
you will realize what you can do, man.
The older you get, the wiser you are.
People like to listen to you.
Today you do not have to prove yourself
Just go traveling with us.
Become the 40th anniversary of honor,
To give you much pleasure, no question.

Make the beer cold,
are soon in the house at the forest.
There, where you live longer.
Your thoughts stick to the fridge.
At 40 and that's for sure
the memory is not the best anymore.
But that we wish you a life without worries,
will you know tomorrow?

For your 40th cradle party,
I wish you the very best.
Good luck and joy, love and money,
should overtake you in this world.
I brought a little bit of everything,
thought of you with all your heart.
Lift the glasses, pop the corks,
Today we want to fall late.

It's your birthday, that's great
because you make the 40 full today!
You're ten times four today,
I congratulate you!
40 years, really brilliant,
Forty is already a proud number.
That's why I wish you the best of luck,
but also health you should not miss, my best piece!

40 varied years experienced
are on the scales today.
Some years have been very difficult
others, however, not so much!
Life is full of joy, but also filled with suffering,
That's why we prefer to remember the good times.
So take life as it is
and look forward to finally being 40!

40 years you are now,
there is still much to do.
You can still achieve something,
still pay open invoices.
You still have creative power,
still enough life juice!
The energy is still enough
That's why you're packing it like never before!
What you have not done yet,
You start with 40!

40 years have you climbed,
once lost, once won.
Life is full of beautiful moments,
but sometimes comes the bitter turn!
Then you better remember the good times
you like these memories
accompany more fulfilling years of life.

40 years - so you stand there now,
You are a jubilee today!
We all want to cheer for you,
today everyone dare to do this too!
Because when is the next opportunity?
40 years are a nice time!

You were born exactly 40 years ago
chosen as a child of ... and ...!
30 years ago we went to school together,
You sat next to me on the chair.
20 years ago we started our study together,
Time is just like that.
10 years ago we were lucky
I look back with joy every year.
Now ten years have passed
a new section has begun.
Happy 40 great years,
I already drove with you!

Best regards and bright sunshine
come home for your birthday.
All the best for the 40th and spicy year,
Your biggest birthday wishes are to come true!

40 years will you be today, dear mom,
I thank you, that you are always there for me!
I'll punch you in the face,
all the best from your little cheeky gnome!

My dad will be 40 years today,
many people have come.
You want to congratulate Forty,
But forget people, the first I am!

I heard recently:
At 40 you are spicy!
Now this number has reached you
I know, it is not so easy for you!
But the 40 is just a number,
you have to take them, has no choice.
Nothing stays for eternity,
Always remember, have a nice time.
Now we celebrate properly,
because in no time you are already fifty!

It's time, again, a birthday settled on the ground. The 40th of it is already, sounds quite old, but is a mockery. Because old, what is that, this expression is really a counter-stroke. To know how old you really are, I give you a tip: Sport, stay fit and live well, because you are so young forever. All the best for your birthday, good luck and health.

Your day of honor, that is today and all people come to congratulations. They are looking forward to a party, that will give us all the rest. The sun, it shines down on us and makes the bustle be colorful. Now we finally come across a very special man. Happy Birthday!

It is a special pleasure to see you today and to give you my best wishes. At the age of 40, you have already experienced a lot, the whole life was so transversely bet. We have to celebrate today with all these people. We want to sing, dance and laugh, making the night of the day. Happy Birthday!

Today is a day of honor that captivates with its own style. Because you are already doing your fourth for the first time and yet your age is not spoiling. Happy birthday and good health.

Today I want to give you something special and can not think of anything else for days. Since I do not know what you like, so I give you the sky. Please pick out the most beautiful star and memorize this well, from now on it should be always and always, your strength and lucky star. But that's not all, because I've promised a lot more for you, a very special friend, that's me. Congratulations!

It's a great pleasure to have that special day of honor, so listen to what I have to tell you, because at the age of 40, life really starts, because you can perfectly score with your life experience. Everything is easier to handle immediately, because there is neither a wall nor a wall. There is no more reason to celebrate and laugh, because with 40 years you can do everything. Happy Birthday!

Today we let the glasses sound diligently and will sing the most beautiful songs, because in the middle is now the dear birthday child please. We let the glasses ring, and sing him a beautiful serenade. Altogether now 40 earth years, you have since today may learn. The glasses are finally sounded, and afterwards we drink from them, all for your own sake, which we would only be without you! Congratulations.

For 40 years you have been stumbling through this life, laughing and having sinned, suffering and giving. At some of your honor festivals, I've been to you as a guest, I really like to eat your leftovers, but never fell to you. The cake of you was always very dry, and burned too often, but even so you could not shock me, because you are known for it. The mood on your many celebrations, which was always famos, you are a true celebration beast, very nice and always terrific.

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