(*COOL*) Birthday Wishes for Gentlemen - Male Friend

gentlemens are a very special clientele when it comes to a suitable saying for a birthday. Their humor is different than the humor of women or children. In addition, they make other demands on life, which should also be reflected in a well-made birthday saying. Therefore, it is often important to look at birthday sayings not only on the age of the recipient, but also on the gender, the personal inclinations and interests, as well as on the family situation. For a married man can have a different birthday message than an unmarried or a widowed man. But how do you really recognize a good birthday saying for men?
birthday wishes for gentlemen
birthday wishes for gentlemen

A birthday saying for gentlemen is pithy. He dispenses with flowery and too cheesy descriptions. Such things are more likely to be women or little girls. A birthday saying for gentlemen picks up on the everyday suffering gentlemen have. Thin hair, a small belly approach, and the sense of taste gradually leaves more to be desired. They love sports - but only if they can watch from the home sofa. And if the beer is lightly chilled in the evening and the crisps crisp, then the world of a man is perfect and he is completely satisfied.

If this small outline was processed in a birthday saying in a funny way, every man will understand this saying and also laugh heartily about it. Because gentlemen have one thing: humor - and not too close.
birthday wishes for gentlemen
birthday wishes for gentlemen

If you are looking for a suitable birthday saying for a man on our site, then it is best to first analyze the man. What is he on? What are his hobbies and what can make him happy? Does he have any special qualities or inclinations that you can perhaps emphasize again with a brisk slogan? Then rummage through our large selection of sayings. Surely you will find a spell that fits exactly the man you want to surprise with it. Pay attention to the length of the spell. Should he appear on a greeting card, he must not be too long. If it is to be performed freely, there may well be a few more lines that everyone can enjoy.

birthday wishes for gentlemen

The hair is gray. The hair becomes thinner.
Do not worry, you will not become disciples.
Do not hold on to your hair,
Because men mature with the years.
It's like having a good wine
You also have more being than appearance.
Do it like the wine and keep maturing
and always leave us happy and cheerful.
Happy Birthday!

As a whole guy with heart and hand,
So you are well known to all of us.
In all the years uphill downhill,
We always kept you busy.
But today we celebrate you solid.
After all, you are the best too.
Happy Birthday!

To mention all your good sides
Some just yawn.
That's why we put it in a nutshell
And dedicate ourselves to the birthday cake.
With humor and a lot of skill
Do you master your happiness.
Think in all situations
Never even to despair.
Just stay like today.
Because that's how people appreciate you.
Happy Birthday!!!
birthday wishes for gentlemen
birthday wishes for gentlemen

Today is your day of honor
And because everyone really likes you,
Let us celebrate you and your life.
Let's lift the glasses together
And experience many more beautiful years together.
You've mastered XX years so far
And we almost always loved it
We are looking forward to the years to come
Taken together with you.
Cheers and all the best.

The years go by fast
Not always do you feel "very well"
Nevertheless, you face yourself every day
Why does everyone like you?
We want to praise you and greet you
To sweeten your birthday.
Luck, health and a lot of bliss
As many days as possible full of sun,
We wish you that with all your heart
And now to the birthday candles.
Happy Birthday!

Now you are XX years old,
On the other hand, no violence helps.
Drum wear with composure and stay cheerful
That's how it goes in life.
On your way forward is only the best
So stay happy and celebrate
Happy Birthday!

Because today is your birthday
Give it all reason to enjoy
And is life too dull?
Hall now laughs through the building
Drum not sorry, hair is also gray
Rejoice with those who are close to you
Let's take a close look
Can we see golden times coming?

Your birthday, that is today,
Many people congratulate you
Of course, we too follow this example.
For XX. Birthday, we congratulate you.
Have a nice time
Because all worries are far today.
And has you the routine of everyday life again.
Think about today and smile again.

A man like you, known for his creative power,
Willingly be appointed head of the family.
He creates and does day in and day out
The celebration will be yours today
Another year is done
You still think you are fabulous.
We wish you a cradle party
Of course only the best of everything
birthday wishes for gentlemen
birthday wishes for gentlemen

Today is your day of honor,
You invited us all.
The reason why I like you,
You know your birthday
to celebrate extensively.

If a man like you
will be one year older
and looks like a gnu
the friendship does not get colder anyway.

Congratulations on the day of honor!
The good thing is how old you become -
Men friendship does not age.

A man like you,
you can not look at the age.
Drink another beer,
then you will understand me.

For you a gift for the day of honor,
I really hope you like it.

Fortunately, men are not getting older,
only wiser,
I'm just wondering
why it is different with you.

Another year has passed
So I have to tell you:
A man does not need a mirror,
to know how timeless he looks.

On your honor day
I want to tell you
What I like About You
is that we have you.

Your birthday is worth it
that you are especially honored today,
D`rum we want to say aloud,
we are glad that we have you.

Another year has passed
in which we sang many songs,
even more bottles emptied,
and honored your old age.

You are a good man,
you can not honor enough.
I wish for your birthday -
stay just as you are.

If a man has a birthday,
Is there enough to drink,
Celebrating a man's day of honor,
There's one more advice:
Make sure you have enough food,
otherwise you can forget us next year.

I spent 364 days
thought, minded and remembered,
what I can give you,
After all, you are a man
and no woman, what a pity
the party might not be so bleak
I searched near and far,
Birthday Sayings with men.
Because I did not find a good one;
I will give you a bag of sand.

Happy Birthday!
I admit that I like you.
Do not look a year older,
So the candles blew out,
and let's finally celebrate,
I am forever yours.

Today is a special day
not alone for me
the reason is that I tell you
how much I like you.

Dear friend, for your special day,
I have thought a lot.
What should I tell you specifically
Who should I consult with you?
Until I finally remembered
You mean so much to me!
birthday wishes for gentlemen
birthday wishes for gentlemen

Many years ago on this day,
Your mother carried you on hands.
You have become quieter all these years
not older but wiser.

It can rain, hail or snow,
Today is not a day for crying.
Congratulations to you,
because I like you so much.

Every year again,
we sing the same songs.
Congratulate you on the day of honor,
we never want to lose you.
We all know what we have about you,
however we do not always say it.

My friend, today is this day again,
where all your friends come, look we are at the start.
We all have a gift, have come just for you,
because today is your birthday, and strictly speaking
even a round, you'll be 50,
We let ourselves be told, that makes one sensible.
So do not fight back, let yourself
then you'll get a rhyme again next year.
We lift the glasses and drink on you,
You can always count on us, we will never let you down!

All the best, Happy Birthday and of all the best,
Health and happiness, and of course money in your vest.
That the suns may shine in your next year,
on every bad day!
Of course, the good guys too, it's not like we're just coming
if you need us.
No, we also like to invite ourselves,
You already know that, from your club.
So let's celebrate, you are the hero,
It's your birthday, you own the world today!

All the best, all the best, we wish you!
You're the best, dearest, the best in the area.
Of all that is there, you should have the best:
Lots of money, always happiness, great women and good mood on all days!
Today we will tell you how much we like you,
and, moreover, you are the best in our entire crew.
Stay as you are, correct and always nice,
sporty and accommodating, dressed very dapper.
Enough of the praise, we really give gas,
dance and party, and have a lot of fun!

Happy birthday, all the best and a lot of great things
we say Happy Birthday, and today we want to laugh with you.
You are the boss here, you are in charge here
and for the next year, we wish you luck on all days.
Health and happiness, always happiness and much success,
but there we are not worried, it turns everything you touch to gold.
Happy old house, we celebrate with you now, and give you applause!

Happy Birthday, we wish all the luck in the world,
Health and success, and also a lot of money.
Fun in everything you do should accompany you,
and that you feel young, as in the old days.
Let yourself celebrate and tell you
we wish you the best,
now and on all days!

Old house, a day of joy,
Today many people visit you.
Everyone wants to say
how much they like you.
Today is your birthday, a very nice day
That's why we're all here today.
happy Birthday

How wonderful that you were born,
all your friends would otherwise have missed you a lot.
Good that there is you, we want to show you today,
that, and how much we like you, we can really love you very much.
Happy Birthday, old dear house,
We want to celebrate you today and give you applause.
You should have everything, but above all happiness and happiness on all days!

This day is about you,
a pound guy as he is in the book.
One year older you became,
but that is not negative,
I mean, you have a good life,
you do not have to strive for more,
I hope that it continues for you
and health, happiness and joy persists.

You have become one year older,
you have gained new life experience,
a lot in your job,
and every day you
to take care of your family
that you do not have to borrow from the bank,
therefore, treat yourself to the day on this day
for peace and coziness.

In the last few days I have been driven,
and you wrote a few lines for your birthday,
but without a topic you can not do that,
because it is your great passion.
Your wife just rolled her eyes,
when the TV program goes in that direction,
Run 22 behind the ball,
You can name anyone by name,
So I want by playing with my feet,
Sincerely greet you to the birthday.

The year of birth is year again,
with someone who likes driving a car,
That's why I do not want to offend you, of course
and think of your car when it comes to congratulations.
The tank is full, the road free,
the steering is by itself,
also the brakes should always work,
because we do not want to lose you.
Have fun with your carriage,
that she just does not slide in the case of black ice,
and today you all the best,
but please do not drive any more - after the beer.

When I look at the past,
then that was not an easy time for you
You have mastered much difficult
I'm really excited about that,
and would like to courageously dare to
to look positively forward with you.
And so I wish you - that's clear
Happiness and joy in the new year.

A birthday is a reason to celebrate,
that's why I do not want to rush
but quickly raise my glass,
let the liver forgive me,
to take a big sip on you,
because our friendship should never sink,
I wish you a happy birthday
loud and funny - not petty!

One year into the country,
This also made you older.
A reason to take stock,
how you thrived last year.
It looks pretty good,
only you are a little more gray,
the hair has not gotten any more
you do not have to worry about your stomach.
But one thing has not changed,
if you are so scrutinizing around you,
have stayed a great guy,
for women to fall in love,
I do not want to complain
but happy birthday congratulations.

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(*WONDROUS*) Birthday Wishes for Friend on Facebook Status

Sometimes you do not know how to celebrate your facebook friends birthday. At a young age, the birthday is the best party you can imagine. You are celebrated, get a lot of nice birthday wishes and above all things: gifts! Over time, that changes, but with each new cradle party you will inevitably a year older, but as much as you are against it, in the end, the birthday party is and remains a nice thing. After all, you meet your family and facebook friends - possibly for a long time - and as soon as the embarrassing birthday greetings and birthday wishes are over, there are also cakes.
birthday wishes for friend on facebook status
birthday wishes for friend on facebook status

birthday wishes on facebook wall

here you can find 50 free birthday wishes for friend on facebook status
  1. I wish you many good thoughts and a heart that overflows in joy and gives joy in this joy. Happy Birthday!
  2. Happy Birthday! This message should bring you the whole next year good luck and success!
  3. Today I woke up, thought of you and then I remembered, today must be your birthday! Happy Birthday!
  4. Today I want to sweeten your jubilee with cell phone greetings. Celebrate with fun and with joy still in circles dear people! Congratulations!
  5. I almost missed it, that you have today's birthday. Luckily I remembered it, so all the best of us all. Happy Birthday!
  6. If birthday joy beckons, you can have a drink. Truth is the custom in the wine, so stick to it and do it!
  7. For my birthday I wish you only the best, health in front! But I give you the very best, my little bit!
  8. Yes, I drink a strong sip on the birthday child, and included are: Congratulations, greeting and handshake!
  9. I wholeheartedly wish you all the best for the Weigh Festival and also - that is very clear: a happy new year!
  10. Always finding opportunities to enjoy with friends all that makes our lives colorful. Many such little islands of happiness, I wish you! Happy Birthday!
  11. You think you are special because you have a birthday today? Oh nonsense, you are every day something special! All the best
  12. What you wish for yourself, I wish you! May all your wishes come true
  13. I wish you to your cradle festivals, from the madness the best and the good from the best the best!
  14. I wish you 365 wonderful days full of happiness, love and health for your new year. Enjoy every second and start every day with a smile.
  15. One year older - do not take it so hard and get the faxes, otherwise you're grown up. Happy Birthday!
  16. For my birthday, I wish you to make this New Year your most beautiful year. Happy Birthday!
  17. Intelligent, funny, charming, sexy! And also birthday! Happy Birthday!
  18. Hello magic fruits! Now you have reached an age when you are finally crisp, sugar sweet & really ready to bite! Enjoy this time!
  19. For your birthday, I wanted to give you something that you really need, but how do you pack a 25-hour day? Happy Birthday!
  20. You really have to be something special! Today, 3,276,821 people have their birthday, but I thought only of you! All the best and love!
  21. Happy Birthday. The statistic shows that too many birthdays can be fatal. Celebrate nice and let it really crack.
  22. And another year closer to the pension! Happy Birthday!
  23. You realize that you get older when the birthday candles cost more than the cake. Happy Birthday!
  24. I heard that you have a birthday today. As a good friend, of course, I forgot your age, but wish you all the best and good health.
  25. And the ass also wrinkles, we are still the old! Best regards for your birthday!
  26. You realize that you get older when the birthday candles cost more than the cake!
  27. Well, you plum. you are getting more mature and mature and plums are you fall. Well, that can be delicious as well. Happy Birthday!
  28. If someone has the idea of ​​calling you old, hit him with your stick and throw him your teeth! Happy Birthday!
  29. In the kitchen? In the bathroom? On the desk? By the fireplace? With "40" it is a great achievement to remember where the car key was last! All the best!
  30. If you think this lousy WhatsApp message is the only thing you get from me for a birthday, you're not as stupid as you look. Congratulations!
  31. On your birthday, some words of wisdom: Smile as long as you have teeth! Happy Birthday!
  32. Happy Birthday! You are not old yet, but as a horse you are already soap!
  33. The hungover face of the age of 20 is 50 years old the whole day long. Good luck and a happy 50th birthday.
  34. Because today is your birthday, I'll give you something nice. A peck on the tip of the nose and a lot of fun, little one!
  35. The wind brings the birthday child a rose! He brings her to you carefully. You know what? She is from me. I wish you all the best!
  36. May just pass by and wish you a happy birthday, hug you tightly and smack!
  37. It does not matter how old you are, but how old you are.
  38. It should be even better the new year, as it was old. - Happy Birthday!
  39. I have been looking for a suitable gift for you for a long time. Unfortunately there is no pub to buy at Karstadt !! happy Birthday
  40. You are now as old as the people you once thought were old. All the best!
  41. The birthday is not only a great opportunity to celebrate, but also to look back on the last year and set new goals for the future. All the best!
  42. I wish you all the best: health, happiness and sunshine. And now with fresh, happy mood into the new year - into!
  43. Every day in your life is surrounded by happiness and splendor; everything around was cheerful and so on and so on!
  44. I congratulate! And I am very happy, because this congratulation is not difficult for me: always get the old swing! Then life is fun, then you stay young!
  45. On this day I think of you in a very special way: on every way, at all times, may God's blessing accompany you!
  46. When I woke up this morning and thought of you, the thought occurred to me that 'today' must be your birthday.
  47. Every day you should enjoy, you should be happy and funny. So I wish joy, happiness and sunshine for all hours! Best regards for your birthday!
  48. My dog ​​has eaten your greeting card, so my birthday wishes are a little later.
  49. I'm sorry, I'm a bit late with my birthday wishes, but the cat was in the toilet.
  50. I would have liked to congratulate you on time. But then it suddenly went haywire. I wish you all the best today!
birthday wishes for friend on facebook status
birthday wishes for friend on facebook status
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(*MARVELOUS*) Birthday Wishes for Dogs

birthday wishes for dogs
birthday wishes for dogs
Happy Birthday, faithful friend!
Everything you dreamed about
in your beautiful dog life,
should it be today's birthday:
Big bones with a lot of meat
and a basket, sheepishly soft;
You can have any toy,
allowed to dig in molehills ...
Today, nothing is denied you,
what your dog heart desires.
And as a coronation - best variety:
Dog cake instead of the cake!

All the best, little dog,
stay so faithful and so healthy
as you are now - that would be nice!
I would like to see you forever,
how do you make Radau in the house
and laugh at me with pink tongue;
So I wish you fast today
always dense, soft fur
and for the next phase of life
a cold, wet nose!

You were so tiny when we got you
a small, fluffy ball of fur on legs;
still shy and insecure, one might think
without a family and without a name.
Birthday Wishes for Dogs
Birthday Wishes for Dogs

But if you were scared, you barked it
And hardly that you have settled in here with us
Did you miss a chance to create chaos?
and successfully turned our world upside down.

Years have passed since that time,
you became a clever and magnificent animal
and without you, it would only be half as nice here.

And so, when we sang for your birthday today,
I thought back to all the beautiful years
and I was glad: What luck have we with you?
Birthday Wishes for Dogs
Birthday Wishes for Dogs

I wonder if you really know
what is today for a day,
but your tail wagging proves
that you do not care.

happy birthday wishes from dog to owner

You're just happy that all people
are so kind to you;
they praise and they are scratching today
the birthday child.
Birthday Wishes for Dogs
Birthday Wishes for Dogs

For dogs, that's not the day
they live the moment;
as long as everyone likes them,
There's always a happy ending.

Birthday Wishes for Dogs
Birthday Wishes for Dogs

But even if only we understand
that you have your birthday:
We want to see you happy
and celebrate without rest.

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Birthday Wishes for Gardeners (Nature Lovers)

When the flowers sprout,
lets the gardener greet again.
With fertilizer, water and lots of love,
the new shoots are growing fast.
Cut off in the vase,
The bouquet is then in the nose.
Happy Birthday,
and with the flowers a lot of skill.

birthday wishes for gardeners
birthday wishes for gardeners

With hedge trimmer and spade,
he wades through the garden.
Dig a bit here,
cut something there,
that's how women like it.
But what do you give the gardener,
on his special day,
where he already likes flowers anyway.
You give a greeting and leave the flowers,
because he is in a different place to celebrate.

Cut hedges, put flowers,
Mow lawn, scissors whet.
Cut trees, put onions,
a gardener may complain about it.
Always green and always colorful,
it goes around in the garden.
But he sits quietly on his birthday,
because he just wants to party outside.
Lift the glass and celebrate,
because the garden is a hit.
Birthday Wishes For Gardeners
Birthday Wishes for Gardeners

Earth on the hands,
Pain in the loins.
To decorate the garden well,
he has to bend down often.
Let the flowers bloom,
do not freeze the lawn.
He provides a nice view,
and he gets it back today.
With a very special birthday greeting,
because he does not have to do it all.
We make a pleasure and start
because he is so good at everything.

If the tulips are a bit sad,
then the gardener comes very quickly.
He looks and pours and waters,
that everything will improve again.
As soon as the tulips raised their heads,
Here we want to praise him.
Because even today he takes the time
and is always ready.
For his birthday he should live very high,
because we give him the best wishes.
Birthday Wishes for Gardeners
Birthday Wishes for Gardeners

When winter has gone,
and the lawn is easily hereditary,
the gardener comes quickly,
and conjures a colorful sea of ​​flowers.
He mows and cuts,
some branch of the suffers.
A little bit here, a little bit there,
he plucks away many leaves.
After that everything looks great,
and he even gets applause.
That's not important to him
but today it is right.
Because on birthday you have to sing,
without swinging the tools.

A new year under the protection of Santa Fiacrius
Luck and health may always sprout you
in the new year we douse today!
Your trees are to grow into the sky
and always fulfill your dreams!
Colorful and numerous, life drives its flowers
and Saint Fiacrius, let him always guard you
He may bless with his blessing and his spade
Transform your life into a blooming garden!

A model gardener
Today we celebrate a man,
that can only blossom more than flowers
are the plants his mission,
otherwise he will always live up to his example, his patron saint!
Phokas, the gardener, was everywhere in the country
very well known for his charity and kindness
and also his hospitality was legendary
here our birthday boy is very like him!
For the love and care he gives to his garden,
he also gives that to the people he loves -
Leave to his loving care
Flowers bloom like humans alike!
That's why we do not just wish all the love for a birthday,
but also that he always stays that way!

The beautiful gardener
The lawn of your life always stays green,
the flowers of love may always bloom,
Gardening may continue to rejuvenate you
completely without artificial spraying and fertilizing!
Because we can see it on your plants -
just like you, you stay beautiful by nature!
Even doctors can wait a long time for your visit -
for your health and beauty, there is your garden!
With him, you always keep going,
he keeps you fit, he keeps you young!
We congratulate for birthday and find it terrific -
Another year older - and yet ageless!

The prime of your life
So many are waiting in vain in life
to the true meaning of life,
but you have it in many hours
Long ago found among flowers and trees.
We wish you a happy birthday, your luck
may your plants grow bit by bit,
this includes sunshine, but also rain -
But your place is always sunny side!
And everything that blossoms your life
be given to you in the new year of life!

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Birthday Wishes for Golfers (Ball Sport Lovers)

birthday wishes for golfers - birthday cards for golfers. We sincerely congratulate you on our birthday and wish you good luck next year on the golf course and of course a lot of fun in the "19. Hole"!

When golfing, it is especially on the shop talk, but we wish you in the next year, that you improve your handicap!

For your next year, we wish you no Bogies, but rather many Eagles and maybe even one or the other As!
birthday wishes for golfers
birthday wishes for golfers

Greens, fairways and rough, the golf course has a lot of different surfaces to offer. In between there are trees and shrubs, hills, bunkers and possibly water. Not so easy to play the par! In this sense we wish you a good blow at all times and that you will find as many balls as possible in the next year of your life!

Always stay cool when you hit the ball. Do not be fooled on the green. Choose the right club. You can do all that with life and aging: just do not let yourself go crazy, but take life and golf as it comes! Rail accidents and other uncertainties should not put you out of rhythm.

We wish you a happy birthday and always have the right racquet at hand so that you can improve your handicap even further!
Birthday Wishes for Golfers
Birthday Wishes for Golfers
Playing golf requires the right swing, a steady hand and a cool head. That's why we wish you today for your birthday that you stay fit, do not tremble and drink enough!

It is said that golfers are not deterred by playing. Today your birthday is still celebrated! And tomorrow you can hide the shadows under the eyes behind sunglasses. The only important thing is that your ball stays on the fairway, so you are not tempted to rest in the rough ...
Birthday Wishes for Golfers
Birthday Wishes for Golfers

We wish you not only a good new year of life, but as many 18-hole rounds with as few strokes as possible!

Happy birthday and all the best for your favorite hobby, playing golf! Keep your handicap and do not be discouraged by failures, because without them it does not work, neither in golf nor in real life.
Birthday Wishes for Golfers
Birthday Wishes for Golfers

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Cute Birthday Wishes for Best Friends - Long Birthday Paragraphs & Messages

A friendship is something very special. The relationship with the best friend lasts a lifetime. It is there when you need it. In good, as well as in bad times she has an open ear and is available with words and deeds. With her we experience the most beautiful things that we never forget. To show her how valuable she is, cute, funny, emotional and remembering sayings are perfect for her birthday. You can personalize each gift. Who carefully selects a birthday saying, which shows that he makes real thoughts about the friendship. The spell or a poem should be matched to the best friend. The congratulations should include only those statements that fit perfectly on the girlfriend.
cute birthday wishes for best friends
cute birthday wishes for best friends

For a birthday saying or a poem for the best friend, it is important to convey the feelings lovingly. Warm-hearted words provide a lasting memory. Congratulations become particularly emotional when the poem recalls the common past. This also strengthens the friendly bond and the best friend knows that she can always rely on her soul mate. Birthday sayings can also be loosely worded and create a funny atmosphere. Metaphors are popular instruments to make a poem more vivid. They bring the poem to life. It tells a little story that your best friend can picture in pictures. Every girlfriend is different. It is all the more important that the birthday saying fits her too.

The best way to convey the individual birthday sayings is to design a birthday card of your own. She is especially personal when she has been crafted with her own hands. Creativity knows no limits. It is optimal if the design of the card is tailored to the content of the birthday saying. Anyone who addresses the sea and freedom as a symbol of friendship in a poem can design the card in shades of blue. The poem can be written with a pen on white or colored paper and then attached with a drawstring in the inner part of the card. Another very personal variant is a shared souvenir photo. The back can then be provided with the saying and lovingly designed. But in addition to these traditional birthday cards, congratulations can also be cleverly and originally packaged. A message in a bottle conjures the girlfriend a smile on the lips and provides for a long time for conversation. The ideas are endless here. These individual congratulations show the friend how valuable she is.
Cute Birthday Wishes For Best Friends
Cute Birthday Wishes For Best Friends

cute birthday wishes for best friends

I would never miss your birthday,
I would hate myself forever.
Because through thick and thin we always go,
no one can understand me so well.
We are like sisters.
Tomorrow, today and yesterday.
So live high and long and happy!
And call your best friend me for a long time.

What was, that's not important,
because from today you do it right.
A new year of life begins.
Enough time to improve.
But what do you want to do better?
Look bombastic or laugh ravishingly?
Both are perfect and just great as it is.
So, dear friend, just stay as you are.
Cute Birthday Wishes For Best Friends
Cute Birthday Wishes For Best Friends

A wonderful birthday for a wonderful person.
I do not mention how old you become, you already know that.
But fortunately, we age together,
together we are never lonely.
No matter what, we stand side by side.
As best friends, we never look for the space.

Be funny, happy, and a little bit crazy,
and look for a man who makes you happy.
Do not count calories and eat a lot of cake,
Even at the bar you should not look for long.
Just do what you like.
There is no one to stop you today.
It's your birthday, let's crack it!
We do not want to worry today.
Happy Birthday, all the best and love for you,
the first lap is on me today.

I am glad that you exist.
You should know, there is someone who loves you.
A best friend is irreplaceable
and together we are invulnerable.
Today, the Dream Team is celebrating your birthday.
We let it crack because I like you.
Cute Birthday Wishes For Best Friends
Cute Birthday Wishes For Best Friends

No birthday party without me,
Finally I scold your best friend for me.
I want to spend the day with you
and you also sing a serenade:
"Love (insert name), Happy Birthday to you.
Today, only you count for me. "

My best friend celebrates her day of honor today.
That's why she only does things she likes awfully.
Long sleep and plenty of brunch,
then splash happily in the bubble bath.
A shopping trip would not be too bad,
then a manicure, that's it.
A little laze in the late afternoon,
then try it on, so that you were not wrong with the outfit later.
So she looks fantastic in the evening
and we end the evening together at their party.

We liked each other yesterday, we like each other today.
No matter everyone else is.
As long as we are all good
and we certainly never lack the courage.
Your birthday is occasion once to say thanks,
for the beautiful experiences in the years and days.
You are a true friend whom I trust fully,
and on which I have been building all my life.
That's the way it will stay in the future,
because nobody can drive us apart.

Happy, who has a girlfriend,
who also asked for your help.
It shows confidence and that she needs you.
But even after your help, the friendship is not smoky.
It is a constant take and give,
which weave the bonds of friendship.
Sometimes you are weak, sometimes you are strong,
but sometimes you just talk quark.
That's why I better stop it now
and let the birthday run.
Congratulations, sweetheart,
I send you the best regards.

For my sweet best friend

I wish the best friend in the world,
the most beautiful and greatest birthday,
good luck, health, gifts and money.

Good luck and blessings in all your ways,
I will be your faithful companion
because you are irreplaceable in my life!
Cute Birthday Wishes For Best Friends
Cute Birthday Wishes For Best Friends

May all your wishes and dreams come true,
because your luck increases my heartbeat,
and I want to see you in a fulfilled future.

You know how much I love you,
because you are my very favorite sunshine,
and as sweet as a chocolate!

On this wonderful day,
where I carry a gift full of love for you,
and whose covenant holds forever,
because this friendship and love never expire,
yes, on this day I want to thank you,
that you light my day and we never quarrel.
You fill my life with harmony and joy,
I never feel like I'm wasting time with you.
So let's celebrate your birthday today,
and reflect our shared memories!

Nice and sweet words are easy to say
even a bouquet of flowers is easily commissioned,
but nice and fantastic people like you
are not to be found in no time.
I hope you feel how much I like you,
All the best for your birthday!

For my birthday I give you a little bear
and tell you an exciting fairytale.
In a small town,
lives a special girl.
It lives in a pretty cottage,
and is sweet as a tiny mouse.
It's also the friendship of two girls,
which holds together forever, on fixed threads.
This story comes from my heart
For my birthday, I will light a candle for you.

I have a girlfriend with whom I laugh a lot,
I have a girlfriend with whom I do crazy things!
I have a girlfriend who is always there for me,
I have a girlfriend, with a friendship without a deadline.
I have a girlfriend and her birthday is today,
we are celebrating a party and many people are coming!
This girlfriend is only one person
and this is sitting on the birthday throne today.

When I think of all the time we spent together,
with all our crazy ideas and exciting projects,
then I realize how much you have shaped my life
and how you have designed and written the chapters of my life.
Then I realize how much I need you,
because I dive without you into the underground.
That's why I celebrate your birthday every year
because I can never miss you anymore
and because every year I thank God
that he sent you to us on earth.

My dearest friend, your birthday is today ',
a day that pleases us every year!
I wish you the greatest happiness on earth,
the day should be the most beautiful for you.
In good and bad times,
should accompany you health, success and joy.

Another year has passed.
Did not start it
that we two met each other?
Now we can reap the fruits.
We are here for each other,
and that from year to year.
And I grow old like a cow,
my best friend, that you stay!

Today I want to tell you
that after all'nothing days
You are the best for me,
feel yourself kissed thousands of times.

I let the cork pop for you,
did you already notice?
We want to have a party today,
Do not obscure the reason:
I wish you all the best,
Play "Happy Birthday" on the piano.

Flowers are too few
and do not last forever.
But the bond of friendship
holding with so much power,
that we already through thick and thin
have gone with a lot of profit.
I will never forget you,
but always very missing.
No matter if close, no matter if you are away
You are always my brightest star.
You seem like the warm sun
and fill my heart with bliss.

Today is a big day
is your birthday today?
Flowers, sparkling wine and Tralala,
we are all there for you today.
Do you also get something from me,
so that you always think of me.
We are friends for a long time,
and without difficulty.
I still wish many days,
where I just ask you:
"What you wish for?"
and you say, "Just be here."

Many years have passed
since we once sang together.
Talked for hours
and also often enough.
Things hatched together
and sent us letters.
You and me, we were a team,
and sometimes it seemed like
that it does not last forever,
but has fulfilled a wish:
That we know each other today,
because nothing and nobody can separate us.

What should I write to you now,
without overdoing it?
That you are my best friend,
is certainly not a ruse.
We are closely connected,
We found each other then.
And that can not be a coincidence
that was destiny, from the beginning.
Soul mate, I would call that
to know each other's thoughts in a flash.
Now I wish you all the best
in your new year of life for every minute.

Today I'll get the stars from the sky,
come by and ring the bell,
hug you and give you a kiss,
drink a glass of pleasure with you.
I dance and rock and go crazy,
and then yell it full of fervor:
You have a birthday today and I invite you
to be my best friend forever

I give you red roses,
I wish you four children.
You get a kiss for free
and some smarties too.
I do not hand over money to you,
so that our friendship never breaks.
You already have my heart,
Are you a great person?
And now enough of the many words
Where is the birthday cake?

A year older again? Do not worry, because you are just a great friend who can not touch the years of life. Congratulations!
unknown author

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If we often laugh together,
today we let it crack,
Your birthday is a date
where I never come too late.

For many years, so lucky
Let's go through thin and fat.
And that should stay that way for a long time
I have to write in these lines.

And because I always think of you,
There's also a gift later.

Happy Birthday, sweety!

Today is your day of rejoicing
I write you because I like you
You should celebrate, be happy
And with me and not alone
Let's party today
We both let it really crack
We go dancing until the morning
Just forget the worries
And then we start the new year
It will be wonderful.

"Now I am already one year older!", You certainly thought that when you got up this morning. But that's not true! As your friend, I know that you have the ability to turn back time. No one laughs as happy as you, no one can be so delighted for the little things in life. Believe me, your incredibly positive energy will always keep you young!

You are always there for me,
and for that I love you.
I wish you a wonderful, special day,
Friends forever - that's what I'm going to tell you.
No matter how old or how young you are,
we keep going through every crap.

What do you wish for your birthday, dear friend? If you ask me, I know exactly what I wish for your birthday. I just want everything to stay as it is and continue to experience so many exuberant and quiet moments of familiarity.

Today he is finally here
Your birthday, Sonnenklar
What is a year more
We met, it's been a long time
And already celebrated many festivals
For me you are the best
I wish you a long life
Also love happiness is given to you
Health, wealth anyway
That it gives you makes me so happy.

If we had never met, my life would be poorer. Although it is said that you can not miss the people you do not meet - but maybe that would have been different for us both. Anyway, I'm glad that we met each other, and send you all the best birthday wishes!

As a good friend, you have the ability to keep secrets best for yourself! You know, you can always count on me for that. But that you have a birthday today, I had to tell everyone. Will you forgive me? Let yourself be hugged and wish you all the luck of the earth!

Instead of a song, I write
Birthday for you
The new Year
Will be wonderful
You will see
Worries pass away
You will surely laugh again
Do a thousand great things
Together we are so strong
Then even bad things are not so bad
Now celebrate really nice
I want to see you radiate today.

My dear best friend, I wish you all the best from my heart happy birthday, health, happiness, money like hay and other beautiful things that start with G!

Congratulations, I say to you,
I am very happy that I am here today.
We have known each other for a very long time
and we are always ready
always to be there for each other.

The nice thing about your birthday, dear friend, is that on such occasions we have a free pass to go crazy! I'm really looking forward to happily celebrating your birthday with you, laughing, dancing and making plans for the near future. You can count on one thing: the twelve months until your next birthday will not be boring!

My dear, good friend, what would I do without you? I almost forgot your birthday because you did not remind me. Now I wish you a very happy new year of life, with interesting encounters, exciting adventures and a lot of fun with everything you are planning!

Happy Birthday my sweetheart
Greetings for the birthday
Think a lot about you today
You will definitely celebrate
Can not be with you today
But you are not alone
Feel firm of me

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(*TIPTOP*) Happy Birthday Wishes for the Boss, Team Leader

Everyone is happy about a nice poem or a fitting saying - even the boss. After all, it also means that the company is like a family. A nicely rhymed Poem, perhaps even with a fitting individual relation, can lighten up and revive the company gathering for the honorary day of the company owner or department chief - or even be the highlight of the event.

However, one should pay particular attention to the choice and the presentation of a birthday sentence for the boss, that neither the general behavior rules nor the specific netiquette of the company are violated. The borderline between recognition and drowning is usually very subtle in the working climate.
happy birthday wishes for the boss
happy birthday wishes for the boss
It is so easy to congratulate his boss with a suitable birthday congratulatory message. Even the head of a company or department is happy about this original form of recognition. One should only consider a few simple aspects in the selection and the presentation.

From the large number of birthday sayings that can be found on this page especially for the boss, only those shortlisted, which also correspond to the nature of the boss. If the boss is more of a reserved person, very politely and at a certain distance from the employees considered, the birthday saying should neither be too funny nor too personal.

If the boss shows in everyday life that he can deal with fun well, even if it concerns his person, he is sure happy about a matching birthday saying, in which a good portion of humor is. If you are not sure, a small trick will help: Allies.

In general, it may make sense to discuss the idea for a rhyming spell on the birthday of the supervisor with one, several or all colleagues. Preparing for the special day of the boss together can not only be fun, but can also strengthen the team spirit - and spread responsibility over multiple shoulders.

After the selection comes the lecture. A good idea may prove to be the intention to present the slogan together. For example, one could have the individual lines recited by different colleagues or audition the birthday saying as a chorus. This also gives the supervisor that he is in charge of a team that not only respects him as a boss, but is also interested in his personal well-being.

Regardless of which option you choose, in our birthday sayings for the boss you will find the right slogan for this opportunity.

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happy birthday wishes for the boss

If the boss has a birthday,
he usually does a party,
the staff is very happy
because today there is no more work.
It is laughed and also danced,
and not entrenched behind the desk.

If the boss is having a party,
then there's only one reason
because he has his birthday.
This is celebrated with all colleagues,
who also like to put the work aside.
So the fete takes its course
and the boss takes it in purchase.

A high on the boss and his day,
because you like him so much,
We celebrate in a tour
the boss's day of rejoicing around the clock.
Best until the next day,
because the workforce likes him so much.

The boss does it like every year,
designed a party, oh how true,
it will be his birthday
and he invites everyone.
Whether from the warehouse or the office,
everyone is anyway.
Many people are then
Nobody else gets to such a party.

Today a keg is opened,
the boss does a party,
is celebrated in a big way,
There's a lot of that,
the boss has his birthday today
and why make this party.
Celebrating with all the people,
which rejoices every year.
Fun makes this festival,
because it takes the bad mood.
And all the people are happy.

When the boss makes a round,
then you people really pay attention
and that loving her is the best
the boss its big cradles.
Is celebrated all night,
because the birthday is awesome,
is celebrated in large numbers.

With flowers and gifts,
will we consider the boss,
because today is his day of rejoicing,
and because you like him so much,
So you celebrate the great day.

Everyone knows
and the boss is also ready
he celebrates his cradle festivals,
he wants only the best for everyone,
of food and drink is always thought
Because he only does the best.

A festival as it is in the book
and on which every colleague goes,
the boss, who invites to the party,
then it can only be his birthday.

A party that gives everyone pleasure
where the boss likes to laugh,
is the birthday that's fine,
this will be the giant party.
That's why you dear people,
so that the boss is really happy.

When the boss invites you to a party,
there the whole company goes,
it is laughed, drunk and sung
and also the dancing leg is swung.
The boss's birthday is terrific,
something is going on at this party
is the mood always famos.

Every year the same game,
the boss's birthday is the goal
is celebrated now without rest,
and there is no one who misses that.
A party to which everyone gives something
because everyone loves the boss so much.

The best boss in the world,
does it every year because he likes it
a party to his cradle party,
There is only the best in this.
A party that everyone likes
every year on this day.

Can you choose your boss,
then you would be the first choice!
Why? - That's easy to tell,
but we will do it another time.
Today we congratulate from the heart
(because once again a year passed)
with a cupcake and with candles,
and singing for our boss!

Well, dear boss, here we stand
and wish you a lot of good.
We let the work rest for a moment
and are very glad -
that you give us a glass of sparkling wine.

We treat you to the big armchair,
where you are enthroned and lead,
You are removed from the cauldron,
because you work with your head -
who now tells you: "Lift the glasses!"

Congratulations, master, boss and boss,
that you do not fall from the high horse,
that you continue to count mistakes
and torture us with your "goodness"!

We do not want to exchange our boss.
He is fair, accurate and nice.

No forest - but he hears leaves rustling,
No head - there is probably no board.

He is certainly sometimes scattered,
Forgets to praise, if something was good.

And yet - not only today,
he is just unmistakable!

You had to climb many steps,
the boardroom is very high.
Even if we bow to each other very deeply,
You see our faces.
Today we come up to you.
We want to tell you: you are great!
You can blame and praise.
Congratulations! On your well-being!

Fresh from college, new broom;
Of course you have turned well,
It had not been easy for us.
But today you are very much worshiped.
You know where to go here in the house,
you had to learn a lot, get it over.
Take our warm applause,
and let you be honestly congratulated.

Congratulations, boss, keep it up!
That you lead me makes me happy.
Well, that's not every day,
that I'm really good at you.
But on the whole and in the whole,
between files and balance sheets,
Between coffee and papers,
I can congratulate from the heart.
Mostly we understand each other blind,
because we have become a team.

We see you as a respect person,
we have respect and are active,
follow instructions for pay
and would like to be lethargic
like you on your throne.
So it seems to us, because you are the boss,
but you have a lot to think about
pondering about some cunning,
to steer us perfectly.
Anyway, we congratulate you very much
and only wish the best,
Hey, our glasses are still empty.
Do not just give us the leftovers !!!

On the top floor
birthday is celebrated.
Surely there's a feast,
a buffet, overpriced.
And there are many wishes,
everyone joins in there,
smiles to the games,
because it has to be yes.
We stand there silently,
we work and are diligent.
But we also wish the boss good luck.
Long live the one who knows nothing about it.

You are our boss,
You make big speeches.
You are our boss
and you pull the strings.
You are very smart
and often very prudent.
You're just a woman
have already won.
If you only appear,
we feel blind.
True, if you think
that men are like that.
What year are you celebrating today,
We do not know that,
because you carefully veil it
behind the young face.
But here's the congratulation from all of us:
As a boss you are the best person!

You can not love a boss like that
as you with good reason,
So I stayed here
and stay for many hours.

You can not love a boss like that,
he is also nervous,
I like to stay here,
because he does not mean it bad.

On his honor
I want to congratulate him,
to that, no question
do not lose more words.

Only one thing I say today,
Health and good luck,
take this gift with joy
and me a piece of cake!

Responsibility, not an easy game,
the competition is huge,
Orders the company needs a lot,
they do not fall into our lap.

So today we thank a man,
who puts a lot into the stuff,
that it can go on for us,
that something is moving.

Congratulations from the crew
and only the very best,
we wish that too
and are very happy your guests.

Congratulations from all masters,
from the apprentices and journeymen,
we want to inspire with gifts
the boss, the smart and lightning fast.

If we do not know how to continue,
he always knows advice, is competent,
never sits on the pillow,
it is he who knows the answer.

Best wishes all the best,
no, best wishes,
Here we make a happy mute
and celebrate your birthday with you.

The boss, who has his birthday today,
we congratulate all,
if he always shied away from the praise,
it applies, in this case.

The boss, who has his birthday today,
there we want to congratulate
from the department all people
want to decorate him the day.

The boss, who has his birthday today,
there is also a gift
with it on this great day
he thinks long and happy.

Our boss will turn forty today,
so many women who adorn themselves,
to think about her age,
but she can not hurt that.

Our boss will turn forty today,
so many women who adorn themselves,
to tackle, to torment,
but with her you can steal horses.

Our boss will turn forty today,
on this day, that's it
that we congratulate
and you decorate the table richly.

Congratulations to the boss,
who is the birthday boy today,
The gifts are not big,
but of the kind you never forget.

The boss we let live high today
with flowers and speeches and also with gifts,
he has already given us so much,
That's why we just want to think about him today.

The boss, who gives himself the honor today
and celebrate with us his birthday party,
that he'll have a great day,
and worries he worries.

It is not easy to run a company
the employees often have to feel it.
They master this achievement but mostly with a sense,
this saves us all an ulcer.
We would like to thank you today,
until we all waver together.
As long as we do not bicker,
we would like to thank you once again.

As a boss you have the responsibility
that always means to judge everything,
You can not do that well.
That's why we've taken that over for you and it's come
that we can congratulate you on your birthday today.
May we still write a lot and you continue to swing everything in the right direction.
Good luck and good luck to you from the whole piece.

As a boss, you always have something to say
Sometimes we hear you complaining too.
But you also often say nice words
There is also this cake for now.
We congratulate you on this special celebration
and wish them all the best.
Let's hit you now,
on our Titan.

We would like to cheer with you
but we have to be comfortable with that, after work.
You can not ask for a boss, but you can still score well with us.
If you continue to score, then you are the boss we wish for.
If the working climate is rough, we feel like piggy.
Nevertheless, we like you and wish you all from afar, happy birthday.

Unfortunately we can not sing and do not make big speeches.
Speech can swing you so much the better
that belongs to their waters.
It's not always easy,
when laziness sometimes sneaks.
But we know what we have about you and we can only complain badly.
From the heart, without joking we wish you a happy birthday.

On you Mr. boss we must always hear well
and may rarely disturb only.
You must be at all important things
often swing the work scepter.
Always stay so nice and easy
and we do not knock you off the stool either.
So enough of the small serenade
We'd rather shake hands with you now.

We would like to say birthday
There is not much to complain to you as a boss.
As a boss you often have a lot of courage
and we think that's good too.
Let's hope it stays that way
and we wish you a nice time.
We congratulate you on your birthday
and without any setback.
Our great working atmosphere
we find colleagues all the best.

Dear boss, today there are delicious things
and we all have to laugh.
We all thought of it
and even the whole night.
Then we finally woke up again
and now it is done. A cake for you
and almost without words.
A delicious tart
for all the records.

Our boss - a man with tolerance.
Far from ignorance and never arrogance.
You are a boss with heart and mind,
who always found a suitable solution.
Advice from us has always been important to you
and even refrained from going on a picnic.
We thank you
we the busy bees.

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(*TOPNOTCH*) Birthday Wishes for a Special Female Friend

Women love poetic poetry. It was like that in the so-called old times and it still is like that today. The time of poetic words has not been forgotten. She is still new and interesting. Right now, in our fast, head-controlled world, men can score with soulful poetry among women. A man who uses lyrical words to tell his sweetheart why she is the shining star in the sky for him will caress her romantic soul.

Is there eternal love? Women are very sure about that. They want to hear that the chosen one loves them, forever. This is the great moment for men to express their unbreakable love with a very personal poem. A declaration of love in well-spoken words and in verse brings every woman's heart to melt. Not every man can write a poem so out of the ordinary. With a little reflection and the gathering of the feelings to be expressed, a poetic work of magic arises. Those who choose the verse form to congratulate the woman of their choice on their birthday can be sure of their full attention and affection. It is quite legitimate to look up great poets and thinkers, which words they once used. Of course, it should not be written off here, but it can give the own poetry impulses.
birthday wishes for a special female friend
birthday wishes for a special female friend

Shallow and meaningless words have nothing to do with sentimental poetry. Similarly, slippery sentences in no birthday poem for a woman who wants to prove feeling and romance. And something else is important. Women love to make a man laugh. However, men's humor is often too blatant for women. In order to get in the mood for humorous verses, it is helpful to look at poems by humorous poets. Own strengths and weaknesses and those of the partner in own words put into verse, bring the desired laugh success.

Men usually struggle to tell their partners how much it means to be loved. The more romantic and poetic words that tell the partner, I'm happy to be your husband. " Such a declaration of love always falls on fertile ground. With such words no man has to wait for the birthday of the loved one, the wedding day or Valentine's Day.

Romantic feelings in poetic words have captured their charm and appeal over time. Women have a sure sense of poetry and romance and appreciate the poem as an expression of joy, friendship and love.

birthday wishes for best friend female

As a woman, you do much, much more than your husband,
never complain, not even now and then.
That's what we want to honor today
and do not deny you many gifts,
because today we celebrate, your birthday is today,
why did all the people come?


We want to thank you today, dear wife,
that you do a lot to us, we know exactly.
Especially on this special day,
should you know that I like you very much.
I wish you all the best for your birthday
stay as you are, always feel happy.


It is said that women are very strong and wise,
that with them time often passes by,
that's also true, if you take yourself as a standard,
because with you time passes very quickly.
Thank you for that, I greet you today very much,
We appreciate you even more on your birthday.


What would life without women be empty and drab,
especially because you too are one of them.
Since you have a birthday today,
are we visiting you today,
we greet you kindly, we greet you dear,
You are our little heart thief.


As a woman, you have already done many things for us,
probably much more than we ever saw.
We would like to thank you very much today,
therefore please do not put us in the barriers.
We came today because you have a birthday,
and gladly come with you for a rest.


Women are warm, intelligent and loving,
they do a lot of good without resentment.
You too are one of those women
That's why we drop by today.
Because today is your birthday, my child,
which is why we like to be with you.


As a woman, you have understanding for everyone,
you can always talk to you so well.
Today, I take this occasion
to show you to a great extent,
how important you are to us all,
because today is your birthday.


If a woman has a birthday,
often the family council then meets
to be with her and to honor her
nobody wants to deny her that day.
That's what she rightly deserves,
for good deeds do not go unpunished.


Because my wife has her birthday today,
she deserves a particularly good deed.
She gets a really nice gift today,
something that shows her that I always think about her.
It's a ring with sparkling stones,
I hope she does not start crying now.


A woman helps wherever she can,
she helps her children and her husband,
where help is needed, it is always there,
she is always so close to her loved ones.
On her birthday she is rewarded for
and today really spared.


As a woman, it is often not easy
because often the trouble reaches daily.
But women who despise quite seldom,
they live in very different worlds,
because they never give up,
that's how life takes its course.
And because you have a birthday today,
Let's take your load off today.


To honor the dear birthday child,
let us not deny him a dance.
We like to party until it crashes,
have laughed a lot,
Celebrate until the morning,
without sorrow and without worries.


Dear guests, we are all here today,
drink together some beer,
there is a reason for that
because our host has his birthday, this old dog.
Invited us today,
so let's party now, dear people.


Birthday celebrations are very nice,
because the guests never want to go home.
Love to dance, laugh and sing,
want to serenade the birthday boy.
Tell about past years,
know friends are the true.


Again your birthday party is approaching,
we participate in, if you let us,
We like to celebrate with you,
want to dig out old stories,
congratulate you quite fine,
want to be with you today only.


Happy Birthday to You,
do you feel like celebrating today?
Yes, then we want to laugh with you,
do a lot of funny things,
eat, drink, and also sing
and then bring you home.


Hello, dear birthday child,
There is a reason why we are with you.
We came to give you a gift
because we like to think about you.
We are happy to be with you,
because you invited us.


A party that's fine,
because you do not celebrate it alone,
many guests come today,
bring with other people,
to congratulate you,
There are even more than four.


Dear guests, listen carefully,
Time has passed so fast, as in the meantime.
It's been back a year,
that we celebrated a lot.
Today we celebrate again,
sing many songs for your birthday.


Let's celebrate today,
our guests even come from Bavaria,
from far away they have come
as you know as a host.
We are all here for your birthday
Now please welcome us with a beer.


I'm so glad we're here today
have come to celebrate you, my child,
long ago we did that,
why we are here three times may you guess
The reason is your honor day today,
I am here because I like you.


Your birthday is today, we know that
That's why we are with you today.
We eat your birthday cake,
very quietly, without words.
Then we tune into a song,
You should not be alone on your birthday.


A beautiful evening is breaking,
because we celebrate your birthday, man,
You are older and smarter now
and luckily a bit further.
We all think that's good,
We wish you much strength and courage.


The occasion from which we are here today
is that time flies like the wind.
One year, that's over so fast,
We do not care about that either.
Again we celebrate your cradle party,
You and me and the rest.


You invited us for a birthday,
we are your comrades.
We came, like the wind,
to hurry to you very quickly.
have you brought something,
in the hope that your heart is laughing now.


With my dear birthday greetings
I want to sweeten your day!
Enjoy it and celebrate,
if you need something, then you ask me!


You are really worth it
that you honor your birthday.
That's why I send you my best regards
for your birthday, sweety!


A whole year has now passed
since birthday songs sounded.
Yes! Your birthday is today.
Congratulations to all people.
Everyone wants to celebrate with you.
The best wishes from me too!


Congratulations and applause
for your birthday, sweet mouse!
My wishes come from the heart,
I would never joke with that.
Because I really like you.
You are my bright lucky star.


Not many women are as beautiful as you.
I'll admit that to you today.
You are always dressed nicely and neatly -
also sympathetic and awfully nice.
Not only on your birthday, I treat you.
A happy birthday and a kisses come from me.


Take this bouquet of flowers as a sign
that we will not leave you,
if you need some advice from us
or a helping act.
Even today we are here for you,
because you are just wonderful.
From anyone who likes you:
happy Birthday!


I wish for your birthday from the heart
Health and always a reason to joke.
Every day a happy laugh
a lot of beautiful things,
you most like,
and a nice guest,
whenever you feel like it.
Yes, because you are the best!


You are a woman, as she is in the book,
who goes through her life happily and honestly,
who laughs and cooks even better,
You will be liked by everyone.
Today we all got together
have taken the most beautiful words for you.
All congratulations!
All the best from me, too!


Today I come home early
for your big birthday break.
We want to be together
and just celebrate you alone!
Happy Birthday and good luck!
I'll be back soon.


Today you are - as every year -
our personal star.
We celebrate together now your Ehrenfest.
Enjoy it! We take care of the rest,
bake, decorate, light the candles,
congratulate you with all your heart!


On your birthday
listen, if I tell you
that you bloom like a flower,
seducing seductive charm,
how the sun laughs,
make me really happy!
That's why I'll tell you in the next sentence:
Congratulations, my darling!


Good health and blessings!
Joy on all paths!
Find love and happiness in the future!
Always come back to your heart!


I searched in vain for so long
the great love of my life.
I have found you in you.
Thank you for the nice hours!
Honey, you know how much I like you!
Happy Birthday!


This rose is like you.
She looks patiently at others.
It smells wonderful,
is graceful and tender. Oh yeah!
Take it as a gift from me.
For the feast, I congratulate you!


As a friend, I wish you the best
and the best of birthday celebrations!


Today is a very special day,
because you get it in writing that I like you
There are no flowers and gifts,
instead, the lucky luck that I rhyme here!


The candles on the birthday cake are ready
It was high time for the next party anyway
all those who like you want to laugh with you today
For your day of honor we let it really crack!


I wish you a heartfelt birthday
a big cake with candles,
a lot of love, strength and sunshine
and always reason to be happy.


I wish you a happy birthday
Love, happiness and confidence,
every day your favorite dish,
now and then a nice bathroom
and someone who likes you very much.


It's her birthday, it's time!
Confetti on the party dress,
Let's laugh and pop the corks
until we all laugh under the table!


Health, happiness and God's blessing
Fun and joy, even in the rain
Love, strength and confidence
take a break and relax
Best wishes for this day
today at the birthday table


At the center once a year
radiantly beautiful and wonderful
there you stand, surrounded by all
Happy Birthday!


You do not see it, but it is true
You are older now than last year
if it continues, then it would be wonderful!


High and low and up and down
The last year kept us busy
my birthday, I'll tell you
whatever comes, we can do it!


Today to your honor festivals
wish you all the best
Health and happiness in all things
with strength and courage, many will succeed
always a lot of love and joy in life
and God's blessings at all times!


I wish you a happy birthday
Love and a lot of attention
Peace and serenity
as well as a smile for every day


All the best, my best
for a birthday and a great party!


Today we only think about you,
dear birthday child, there are no worries today
instead many gifts and more cakes
and everyone who loves you, come visit you


A big party for our birthday mouse
which is rising today with many guests throughout the house
it is eaten and drunk, celebrated and laughed
We do this all night once a year


Happy birthday my mouse,
many congratulations and a bunch of flowers,
a delicious cake and great gifts
and the guarantee that I think of you today


Our dear good birthday child
We are all very well-disposed today,
bring gifts and a lot of flowers,
eat cake with you until the last crumb,
sing you the most beautiful birthday songs
and definitely come back next year!

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