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birthday wishes for father | happy birthday wishes for father, dad, daddy, papa

"Daddy is not difficult, daddy is very much". Whoever heeds this saying and wants to give his dad a good saying for his birthday will find enough topics, but not always the right words. One way to find the fitting ones for a card or a small address is to collect a collection of birthday sayings on this page. When listing spells, it is important that they are not commonplace and have not been heard or written a thousand times. Who buys any card with a birthday saying for the dad, often gets only mass-produced, which does not do justice to the services of a father.
birthday wishes for father
birthday wishes for father 
The father picture has changed in the last few years and so the sayings have to be modified. It happens more often that the dad is not just the classic breadwinner. He often takes over the task of raising children, helps with household chores and is never at a loss for advice. These characteristics must be taken into account in a good verdict. Of course, a spell can not contain false statements, because it will only be received benevolently if there is a lot of truth in it. Many sayings found on the Internet are very creative, but sometimes they are not one hundred percent at the heart of the matter. In this case it makes sense to supplement the saying with your own thoughts. So it looks even more authentic and the birthday saying becomes a very personal gift.
birthday wishes for father
birthday wishes for father
Many birthday sayings are for a greeting card. Here, the packaging makes a lot. First, a card with a good paper should be chosen. Another point is the font. A card made by the printer looks very impersonal, if not cold. It is better to attach the spell handwritten. So the card looks very individual and leaves a better impression. Sometimes it is also often when a spell is read from the card. This happens best in a festive setting, when the speaker has the full attention of the guests and, of course, the birthday boy. Some speakers tend to talk too fast during a lecture. To prevent this, it is good if the short speech in front of the mirror is a little practiced. The birthday boy should take his spell correctly and enjoy the positive words. Thus, the celebration is a thoroughly successful celebration.

birthday wishes for father
birthday wishes for father

birthday wishes for father, dad, daddy, papa

Dear dad, happy birthday and that many more beautiful birthdays will follow, I love you.


Happy Birthday to the World's Best Father! Stay as you are and become old.


Dear Dad, I wish you the best for my birthday, I am proud to have a father like you.

I have learned a lot from you, you are always there for me and you have the best advice. On your day of honor, only the best for you and congratulations with all your heart!


Happy birthday, dear dad. You can not see your age at all, in the future you should stay healthy and have a lot of fun and stay with us all for a very long time.


Happy birthday to the best father in the world. I can not imagine a better father and I wish you many more years of health and happiness!


Dear dad, even if the candles on your cake are slowly getting out of place, you still look fantastic and you are the best father in the world. Happy Birthday!


When I was sad,
have you always been there for me,
in the rain and in the sunshine,
will you be in my heart,
You also get older every year,
so you stay wonderful.
Therefore, from me to you the best,
hug and express yourself firmly!


Dear dad, you are the greatest dad a human being can wish for, stay the same as you are, because that's how I love you. Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday, dear dad. And do not worry, you will not get older, only better!


From hearts all the best for the birthday! You are the best father and will always keep this title. Have a wonderful day!


I wish you all the best for your birthday, dear dad, keep us all for a very long time and bring and continue to laugh with your zest for life.

You are a father, you are a friend, you are a colleague, you are a hero.
You are gracious, you are nice and generous with your money.
You know the whole world, you've been everywhere before,
You are smart and educated, and of course very well read!
I talk a lot here, but in the end I mean only one thing
To have you is a blessing! Whether sun or rain,
You are always there, and that all my life.
I wish you all the best, dear father,
and now it's time for you to have a hangover tomorrow!

I love you, you are my star,
no matter what, I'm always there for you!
Now they are celebrating, because you were born many years ago today,
You are my protector, and my great hero.
Today is your birthday, so we celebrate,
and all your children congratulate you!

Dad is a great man, there is no father who can do that,
what can mine, he is a star,
not only do I know that, no, it is clear to all.
Thank you for everything, I tell you.
we are celebrating your birthday and are all here,
to congratulate you and to let you live!
Only for you we raise, today all our cups,
Bottles of cups and also glasses,
we are bumping into you: one of the best fathers!

I remember like yesterday, we played together,
sometimes in the sandbox, and sometimes raging when catching.
You were in time, always there,
no matter what, you'll be my star forever!
Today is your day of honor dad, and everyone congratulates you
please stay as you are, and always with me!

I wish you the vest of all,
good mood, health and a bundle of money deep in your waistcoat.
Schön's weather, good food, everything is there,
Today is your birthday, that is clear to all.
Stay as you are, and do not change yourself,
then I'll write you again next year,
one of these rhymes.

The best father in the whole world you are alone,
That's why I write you a rhyme!
It goes without saying that this is his birthday, because he is today,
That's why we are gathered here, look at the whole pack
is there to celebrate you and to be happy
and that's why everyone agrees: Happy Birthday to you ...

All the best, Dad, I want to tell you
You're great, you know everything and I can always ask you
if I do not have a plan, how it works,
Do you have most things, already quite understand.
You have not studied, but defy are so smart,
You could teach everything, I know that very well!
Today is your birthday and everyone wants to tell you today
that they love you very much and, of course, love them!

Happy father,
today is celebrated
Tomorrow you have hangovers.
But we do not think so
because nothing can stop us today.
It is celebrated, danced and laughed,
drunk and talked, all night long.
Happy Birthday to you,
I love you very much, and I know you love me too.

Because you are my dear dad
and today is your birthday,
I wish you to your party
only the very best!

Health, fun and good luck,
from the cake then a big piece,
Anytime a reason to laugh
and that no one wants to worry you.

Today for your Jubeltage
I have a congratulation to you,
who should promise you the best
and that you are celebrating a great feast.

Invite all relatives and friends,
there should be no room left in your house.
And in the crowd, you sit there happy,
because you deserve it, dear dad!

Papa will be one year older today,
but he shines visibly, he does not get colder.
The laugh lines, they bloom here and there,
show us: It's a happy dad!

So happy you should always be,
always surrounded by friends, never alone.
And every year on this very special day
I wish you all presents to you.

Let your children tell you:
In life you should never despair,
You should always live your dreams.
Then you build houses, you plant trees.

You have already done children.
So today we come to the birthday throne
and give you our congratulations.
For a new and very happy year!

For the birthday party this year
we wish the best to the dad!

Many gifts should you get
Grief and sorrow have been taken from you.
Only joy and fun should now lie before you.
Should you never ask, "Where have the years gone?"

Always happy, always our happy dad,
in this, in the next, in every coming year.
All this and much more wish you to birthdays
Your children, to make it short: we.

Age should bring you great wisdom,
you have to wrestle for the hair too.
Thou shalt be happy in the years to come
The wrinkles also dig into your face.

Every year,
Dear Papa,
you become increasingly wonderful.

So we want,
Your children, you
Congratulations now and here.

In the coming years
May you save happiness from grief
and make you rich, like the world's largest corsairs.

Whether round or round - it does not matter:
Your figure as well as the number,
indicating how many years you have been living,
as long as you always strive for happiness!

And then share it too, because shared happiness works even better.
For that you need friends and family, never a knife.
We look forward to it and to the coming years with you.
Therefore, we wish all the happiness of this earth today and here!

Dear dad,

I can hardly believe it,
but you just can not leave it.
You still look young and beautiful,
even if the years pass you by.

Nevertheless, you are diligent,
sometimes you pretend you're only thirty.
But you do not take over,
You like to work, fulfill your duty.

You are always there for Mom,
and for me, that's clear.
You're and always the best, so I'll kiss you
and press yourself to your joyful feast.

Your child!

Dear dad,

You are not old yet,
the age leaves you completely cold.
So have you always been,
so you will always be,
and my dear dad,
I like you so much.
You are almost always in a good mood
You are fit, everyone is astonished.
You are always completely relaxed,
nothing cuts you off the stool so fast.
All this I love so much about you,
That's why I am here on your birthday.
Happy Birthday!

For children or teenagers

Dad I'm glad that you are
I love you very much.
I do not know what I would be without you,
Without you my life would be very empty.

I hope you stay with me long,
for me you are never one of the elderly.
I'm looking forward to the next year,
happy birthday - I hug you!

Dearest dad,

Today is the best day for you,
good luck and good health
you should experience many more years.
You are a human being whom you like to give
for whom one likes to be there, whom one likes to think about.
So look at these lines as my gift,
guided by gratitude, joy and love!

Wishing you all the best!

Dearest father!

Time flies by,
one moment and then the next one has passed.
It gets dark from dark
a new year has crept in
You have always been there for me,
when it's cloudy and gray,
or was joyfully colored.
This is the reason we praise you,
and that we honor you today.

Rest for Papi!

Happy Birthday, my dear Papillon,
This should be a carefree, carefree day for you.
I will give you presents, cook you and direct your thoughts.
Put your feet up and let yourself celebrate from morning to night.
The day of our birth shows us how fast time passes!

I wish you all the love of autumn
My father, many years of life are given to you.
Never lose the courage and hope in life.
Keep your joy and that good faith is always with you.
Important is the health, everything else is the same!

Happy Birthday Dad!

Stay healthy, be satisfied,
be happy and cheerful,
so the years go on and on!

Forget the displeasure
stay happy and laugh,
so you will experience so many sunny Tach.

Enjoy every tach,
always stay calm, sing and dance,
that is part of life!

Then you will certainly be as old as a tree,
have many rings, but it will be difficult to beat you!

The best dad of all

You are not a tough superhero,
nevertheless the savior of my world.
I know you all my life,
with you - it all started.

A real rock in my surf
bring cloud dreams to the gentle landing
always soft back to earth
and save my happiness.

It's not always easy with fathers,
even if it is not always enough for concord:
I would have the choice to trade you
I probably will not do it.

For you a new year,
All the best, Mr. Papa!
Let yourself celebrate and give a nice present,
while your loved ones are thinking of you.

Forget about all this turmoil
Your zig-tiling and your louts.
Today you want to be very good to you
and tune into your song.

As best children of this earth
It does not take any horses' backs
to get a little luck -
Today we want to drink and chatter with you.

We are all happy about this:
That was not your last year yet!

The picture

On the first picture I painted,
guess who was beaming:
Of course my dad, right next to the cat.

"Pretty ugly," said the nanny from the kindergarten
I gave him one over.
My first fight, for truth and justice.
It was not about the picture, that does not make me crazy.

You also put it in the frame
the bumps have still shrunk,
but I did not feel it, with the smiley face.
Crayon dad on the wall smiled quite charming.

Years later I found it again,
I did not paint you so pretty.
But deep in me, you continued to blaze
and made me as I am today.

All the best, Dad!
Grins for a long time, stay happy for a long time!

Who rides so late through night and wind?
It is the father, I am his child!
Today he has his day of honor,
the good father, so smart and strong.

My father, make a happy face!
Today is celebrated diligently, or not?
All who are close to you,
celebrate your year of life here today.

Be sure to pack your presents,
Sorrow remains remote from the house today.
That's why I say it:
All the best, dear dad!

Among men

Even real guys have to party,
whether lonely or vultures,
it's still a place
for beer and rest from the hunt.

So let the glasses sound today,
if it's agreeable, even singing,
so that you do not forget for a long time,
who is the best dad here.

Happy Birthday!


In life it comes as it comes
many a bad answer follows promptly.
But once it got me well:
Fate has served him.

If you get lost in the square,
stumbles and dribbles the ball,
heavy foul falls to the ground,
without the whistle whistling,
or lonely on the gate,
where the keeper takes the ball:

A direct hit remains forever:
There is never a better father!

Happy Birthday!

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Monday, January 1, 2018

birthday wishes for cat lovers

We wish you a heartfelt meow - no, congratulations - for your feline birthday!

birthday wishes for cat lovers
birthday wishes for cat lovers
We wish you a happy new year for you and your cat! Have fun clawing and brushing, feeding and petting - and what else cats do!


Today we make you purr with our good wishes,
for cozy petting and purring,
we congratulate you
and do not stroke the skin!


Supple as a cat, you move around us,
bring us something to drink, petting here and there a bit -
so we wish the perfect host!
Let yourself celebrate a bit,
and pause in between to toast with us!


Dear ... (name), we know that you love cats, so we wish you not only a happy new year, but best of all seven new lives, so that you are as robust and durable as a cat!


Cats are cuddly and individual,
therefore we congratulate you quickly,
so that you nestle nicely with us -
yes, we love you!


Get your claws retracted, today you'll be older, but that's no reason to hump! Be cuddly and let your back stroke; put on the coat and enjoy!


Cats are playful and cuddly, and that's exactly how you like to behave yourself. And so I like you too! Therefore, I ask you: Stay the kitty that you have been so long, even if cats now and then tend to scratch and hiss! A little individualism has not hurt anyone yet.


Dear friend of the kitty, give me your fat paw,
go quietly on all fours, because we congratulate
Anyway and anyway,
because today we are all happy!


Cat friends like you know exactly:
The four-legged friends are pretty smart.
That's why you celebrate today with us, and that important and correct - so happy birthday!

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birthday wishes for hikers

Hiking is a beautiful sport: It keeps you fit and protects against signs of aging. Nevertheless, you are getting older today, but that does not matter, because as with a hike, this only means another path that leads you through previously unknown areas and offers new experiences.

birthday wishes for hikers
birthday wishes for hikers
The paths lead uphill, sometimes downhill, of course you know that as a hiker. That's why you can not be disturbed by obstacles: you know how to deal with them. We wish you a nice new year of life with not too steep trails and without too much danger!


Stay healthy and do not stop hiking, this will keep you fit in the future!


Who walks, who has understood the real life: walking and living means to explore the world in known and foreign ways, to enjoy the beautiful impressions, to recognize dangers, to remove obstacles or to walk around, maybe even to take risks and Above all: to always move forward.


Hiking leads you into the depths of existence and the highest mountains. Have fun while wandering and experiencing life with all its perspectives!


If you walk up a path, that is relatively exhausting, but the following view rewards you. If you walk down into the valley, it will be inviting to you, but you will feel the effort and soreness in retrospect. It's similar to life itself: there are rewards and unpleasant consequences. So do not celebrate your birthday too excessively!


Congratulations, dear hiking friend, please wait with your next hike until after your party!


You have now come to an age when you no longer run up the mountains, but wander leisurely. Do not worry: this is the passage of time! We definitely wish a happy birthday and a happy new year with beautiful new trails!


Hiking is more than a hobby, it is a way of life. Above all, it keeps you young! In this sense: Happy Birthday and always good shoes on your feet!

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birthday wishes for wine drinker

When I look at you like this, I think it's true: some people actually get better the older they get! As with wine, they are gaining maturity, and that seems to be true for you as well! So I wish you all the best in life and today I like to drink a glass more of you and your birthday!

birthday wishes for wine drinker
birthday wishes for wine drinker
A good base ensures perfect growth, excellent maturity and finally leads to great results: I mean not only your favorite drink, the wine, but also you! In this sense, I wish you always enough bottles of wine in the basement and stumble on your birthday!


Your birthday is a good occasion to bring back a good drop - I know what you like most!


We wish you all the best in the new year of life, health, happiness and always enough supplies of wine, so you do not sit on dry land!


You are a wine lover, and that makes you a pleasure man above all. We congratulate you and wish you the time and serenity to let you taste the wine and other delicious things!


Wine should be healthy, promote the truth and above all, taste it! In this spirit, we wish you always a good wine at hand, which leaves you healthy, which ensures that you are honest and spoiled your taste buds!


Congratulations and always a full glass of quality wine in your hand - at least today, at your celebration - in everyday life that may not be so useful!


As a wine drinker and wine connoisseur, you know what this delicious drink is worth. But do you also know what your birthday means? It means that you come closer to your goal: you will become more valuable as the wine with age ...


Your love of wine shows your ability to focus on the enjoyment. If you continue to do that, you will never be afraid of old age. For this and your birthday we congratulate you very much!

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birthday wishes for football player

Birthday celebrates today a football fan,
On Saturdays, he always looks "ran".
Offside, corner or goal,
Müller ahead, Müller ahead!
He likes to be a guest in the stadium
so he does not miss anything important.
His life is the round leather,
Everyone knows that in their environment.
We congratulate today,
In the summer he misses the football painfully.
In autumn he is happy again
like the pug in the oat straw!
When the new season starts,
how long did he wait for this?
Congratulations and a lot of time
for stadium visits the opportunity.

birthday wishes for football player
birthday wishes for football player
Whether championship, whether Champions League,
For you only the victory counts.
Whether it is raining or snowing
into the stadium you are no way too far.
Even on hot summer days,
you go without asking.
That's why it's not hard for us
because your cash register is already empty.
That's why we did not think about
which makes you a pleasure.
A season ticket for your club,
you will find that fine.
Victory, draw or defeat,
You are there, without question.
For the birthday, we wish you all the luck in the world
and know that you like our gift.


Müller, Breitner, Beckenbauer,
they were always in wait.
Gomez, Schweini, Robben,
there is nothing to top it.
Bayern Munich is your club,
it does not have to be that way.
Also at Hamburg, Schalke, Dortmund
it actually runs quite round.
We want to congratulate the Bayern fan,
We will see if it works with the championship.
Today we want to say all the best
and dare no master forecast.


The ball is round,
you know that since the first hour.
90 minutes takes a game
that's really a lot.
You know the offside rules well,
To score goals you need courage.
The referees are often bad,
sure you are sometimes right.
Even once you were a football star,
You can believe it, it is true.
You played old gentlemen last
and you have really downplayed.
Today you watch every game on TV,
You do not need a ball feel for that.
We would like to congratulate you,
send you into the distance.
To a game of your choice,
that is certainly no torture.

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birthday wishes for tennis player

Happy birthday, and always a quick counterattack, if your tennis opponent alludes to you!

birthday wishes for tennis player
birthday wishes for tennis player
We wish you further fast returns and nimble legs, and that you play many aces in the new year!


Even as you get older: Do not let yourself play, but hold against it! To win in tennis, you just need to always play the ball back.


Tennis is fun and easy: The winner is the one who always hits the ball in the opposing field. So stay fit, so that you continue to succeed, and get well into the new year of life!


Whether in or out tennis is often the question. It is important for you that you yourself are in, because that way you will stay fit and enjoy your tennis for many years to come!


Living and aging is similar to playing a tennis game: you beat yourself for a while, making good and bad experiences, and in the end it's hard to tell if you've lost or won. Above all, it is important that you have even started!


Happy birthday, stay fit in tennis and play your aces in the next year, so you will not let up!


Tennis keeps you fit and sexy, so do not stop it just because you're a year older, or you'll be aging for several years!


In tennis you can forget everything around you, except for the ball, the field and your opponent. Even your own age barely matters, unless it prevents you from getting the ball. That's why we wake you from this concentration today and call you: Happy Birthday!


If you continue to play tennis, you become more and more like McEnroe: He has made it more fun with the aging and less cursed. The age obviously helps to become more relaxed. That's why we wish you a good and sporty new year of life today!

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Sunday, December 31, 2017

birthday wishes for campers

You are and will be born for the campsite,
You have lost absolutely nothing in hotels or pensions.

That's why we give you a birthday instead of money,
a brand new camping tent.

birthday wishes for campers
birthday wishes for campers
In your holiday you go hitchhiking again,
and instead of staying in hotels, you go camping.

Your only companion is your cat.
She sleeps with you on the air mattress.

So we know you, that's how it should stay
You stay our camping god, we do not want to drive you out.

Good luck and keep living like a vagabond,
then you have some nice hours.


You are and will remain my greatest treasure,
and we celebrate your birthday at the campsite.


Smell the beautiful bonfire in the evening,
then crawl into the sleeping bag.

Yes, you enjoy nature,
that's what you call pure life.

We do not want to dissuade you
and will sing you a song.


You can actually do whatever you want,
You always celebrate your birthday as a camper at the grill.

Then you grill us delicious sausages again,
and give us drinks that will quench our thirst.

So every time the same lyre,
and again we look forward to this celebration.


Hotel vacation is not too expensive,
but you still prefer to sit by the campfire.

And instead of staying in a hotel you live in a tent,
Camping is and remains your world.

Stay the way you are, keep your style,
We want to be like you, that's our goal.

We will give you a sleeping bag for your birthday
There you realize that you have friends who just think along.


Rarely have you ever caught a cold
that's because you're camping regularly.

You get the following result, if you are rated,
stable like an oak, and extremely hardy.

Greetings come, you will already suspect
from your faithful tent companions.


You lead a life of freedom in style,
in your beautiful camper.

Every month you are, that I find strong,
in another camping park.

Keep your rhythm and do not let yourself be bent,
and for your travels we give you 2 camp beds.


Happy Birthday, we wish you all the best,
and give you a little water against mosquito bites.

With this you then moisten your skin,
before the camping tent is built.

Then all mosquitoes are repelled,
And your holiday remains carefree and carefree.


Air mattress and sleeping bag are things my child,
which are simply essential when camping.

That's why we give you these things honey,
and wish you a lot of fun at the campsite.

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